Saturday, August 18, 2012

Say Hello to Sugarcane and Ash



and down.

Back pocket. 
And yes, fellow perfectionists: the print does meet at the seams and zipper flap. Remember when I said that print fabric is not for the faint of heart? Sometimes I read on blogs, people gushing, "I LOOOOOOVE funky print fabric!" and I literally gulp. They are so brave. I feel absolute terror when working with print fabric - it deserves the highest respect because it shows up your workmanship - good-ly and badly- like nothing else does. (This is why I am best friends with solids.)


And the lining - it's like cutting into a lemon

and having a burst of citrus hit you with a smile.

And that big happy John Lewis flower! It's ombre on rippled clouds :)

This is my current favorite of all the Bella Bags, I think. 
At least, until I finish the one in Orla! Can't wait.
Then I'll be able to list all five in the shop and you can pick your favorite to adopt! 


  1. WOOHOO!!! That is one GORGEOUS bag!! And one AWESOME bit of fabric alignment!! There'll be a fight in the Etsy shop over this one, for sure!

  2. LOVE! And I have five little ones in tow most days so I know EXACTLY how I'll be filling it up. Stalking your Etsy shop just became my number one online priority....

  3. I love it! All those pockets are great. Will you also make it into a pattern. I'm pretty sure I won't beat the competition when you sell it on etsy...:(

  4. Cindy W Aus,
    I love the fabric that you have used for this bag and Yes I noticed how well you have pattern matched the fabric, not only with the zipper flap, but with the ends to the sides, WELL DONE!!!!!!!
    But have you released this pattern yet. Love your pattern!!!

  5. super awesome fabric ~ your bag turned out perfect !!

  6. Oh WOW!!! I will be another stalking the shop (even though I didn't know you had one till just now Haha! Thanks Ladies! ;) ) I want this bag!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

  7. Just found your bag and blog on Pinterest and I fell in love! I absolutely adore your newest bag! Please, please, please (with a cherry on top) post this pattern! I live in Paraguay, South America and can't buy patterns that easy on the internet (PayPal hasn't got here yet) but I would really like to make this bag! Maybe you would even post it in your free pattern section? :)I even already have fabric that would go so well with this!

  8. The yellow is gorgeously cheerful, and I love the print placement on the bag! Where do you find your buttons? I have such a hard time finding nice ones!

  9. Oh, these bags! I have a same problem as Brenda from Paraguay. Here in Serbia we cannot pay via Paypal, only Skrill-Moneybookers...

  10. Gorgeous bags, Lier! Please do make a pattern for it, I'll put my order in for a copy :) There's already too many ladies staking out your etsy shop for the bags, but staking out the shop for a pattern, I could handle. lol.

  11. Hi LiEr,
    Just to let you know, when I click on 'Skirt; Fitted Panel; Fabric' in Free Patterns it goes to 'Operation Summer Hair Rescue Part 3 - How To Make A Rose Hair Tie'.

    Like the bag!

  12. Great design.
    perfect combo of colors.


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