Saturday, September 8, 2012

Time Change for Bella Bag Sale!

Just a quick note to say we just had 15 kids running around in our backyard all afternoon, shooting arrows at each other, and we had a blast. It's SOOOOOO much easier to do parties with older kids- you serve food, they eat food; you set out crafts, they do crafts and they talk among themselves like grownups  while coloring with sharpies ("so, Molly, how is second grade?") Then they do pretend play by themselves and hold their own competitions while waiting for their parents to come pick them up. Then they smash the pinata and grab the candy like maniacs and then sweetly share the candy with the smaller children who were too scared to do the maniac thing. Lovely. Photos later. 

Some Bella Bag Sale updates:

1 Time Change for the first five Bella Bags:
I'm changing the time at which the listings go live tomorrow. Supposed to be 9 am but I was reminded by at least one person that people who usually go to church at that time might be tempted to resort to shopping on their iPhones (and android versions thereof) during sermon time. Believe it or not, all my puny brain thought of was Sunday morning = I am in church (i.e. not driving children to school). Never occurred to me that Sunday morning = other people also in church. Duh.

So........ my apologies for the oversight. And thank you for bringing it to my attention. Therefore, the Bella Bag listings will go live at 

6 pm CST Sunday 9 Sep. 

Same date, just 9 hours later

It's hard to pick a time when most of the world is awake(ish). I know that  Singapore (hellooooo!) will be awake then, as will Australia and the UK. 

Please be reminded that that midnight tonight (8 Sep) is still the deadline for sending me offers on the first five Bella Bags before the listings go live tomorrow. Thank you for the offers I have already received!

2 Price Change for the Stem Bella Bag
Due to unexpectedly positive pre-auction interest in the Stem Bag, I am going to raise the Buy-it-now price to US$700. This does not mean somebody offered me $699 for it already. I'm just rethinking the price range in which the auction will operate, thanks to your generosity and interest. You are still welcome to bid for it from US$120 upwards. The Stem bag still goes live at  the same time - 11:59 pm CST tomorrow night (Sunday Sep 9).  


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