Monday, October 1, 2012

Hoodie Finishing

Finished Jenna's hoodie. One down, two (for Emily) to go. 

My contribution to the color scheme was this yard of this charcoal fleece. Jenna picked the lining fabric.

Here are the various-angle shots of the thing:

And here it is on its hanger - it's easier to analyze it this way than while it's being worn by and spun about on a wiggly child.

Hoodies are so easy to make, and come together so quickly. The thing that took the longest to do was the pocket. Most fiddly was getting it lined up exactly on both sides of the zipper. It's still a bit off, but it'll do. 

The features of this hoodie are the same as the one I made for Emily last fall - fleece outer, knit lining with kangaroo pockets self-bound by the pocket facing,

full front zipper 

and lined hood.

Also fully lined the entire garment so it is technically reversible (except the zipper isn't). This also means I didn't use the serger at all to make this. All the raw edges are tucked away in between the two layers. I think I would make every garment this way if the design allowed it. Lined garments are so cool. 

Two differences (between this hoodie and Emily's) worth mentioning: One, I finally remembered to hem the sleeves properly, which I didn't do for Emily's. Except I remembered only after I'd sewn almost everything up and so had to do the sleeves by hand. Not the end of the world. Besides, I quite like hand-sewing bits of garments anyway. 

Two, this was a raglan-sleeve design, rather than the previous set-in-sleeve one. No reason other than to vary the style a bit and have an excuse to incorporate fake piping

So now Jenna has a hoodie for school. Hurrah. Her only comment upon receiving it was, "Oh... it's so soft!" I took that as a compliment because it means she will actually wear it! 


  1. So cute! The pink trim adds so much!

    I LOVE that first photo!!

  2. As usual, beautifully made. I love the charcoal color and the facing and faux-piping details... and reversible is always SO COOL in my book. =)

  3. It's perfect!
    I love the lining fabric! So pretty and girly!

  4. it turned out absolutely perfect ~ your sewing skills are just awesome !!!

  5. so beautiful the pairing of slate grey and delicate pink...

    Dear LiEr, I have a question--I am a beginner and I was thinking of sewing a fleece jumper for a 2 year old girl. Should I line it? And if yes, what fabric would be most appropriate other than a knit? If I don't line it, would that affect adversely the way the garment looks once worn?
    Thank you

  6. Amazing! You make it look so easy. My brain hurts just thinking about how to make a reversible jacket!


  7. Very beautiful! It looks perfect enough to find in a store. Quite an accomplishment! :)

  8. Love the hoodies. In fact, I just sew one each for the kiddies. The first one I had to unpick it to death. Luckily being fleece, it was quite forgiving. The second one I unpicked maybe like 4 times, which was a vast improvement. Haha. But HOW DO YOU align the pockets on each side of the zipper? I seem to have loads of problems with that. One side always ends up a little higher. :(

    1. Van: I sew one side first (e.g. the left pocket) and then close the zipper and mark on the teeth (use pencil or chalk or something of the sort) where the top of the remaining pocket should go. Then open the zipper again and sew. Same method for aligning waistbands on both sides of an invisible zipper that goes through both the bodice and skirt.

  9. How do i subscribe to your blogs? I have never blogged before.

  10. Hi Sarah, and welcome!

    Several ways to subscribe - you can go to my sidebar and click the "subscribe by email" thing. Or if you have an aggregator (e.g. google reader), you can subscribe to blogs from that page.


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