Monday, October 1, 2012

Hoodie Making

See? I'm not procrastinating (yet).
That's Jenna's hoodie. 
By hook or by crook, it's getting finished today.

These are Emily's hoodies:

I am such a sucker for dots. I know she might look like boiled salami in that pink fabric but argh! It's dots and I can't resist dots - they're so ROUND. I probably will have to pipe it somewhere to tone down the dottiness. Anyway, I'm thinking a pull-over-the-head-half-zip hoodie in Boiled Salami and a lined reversible full-zip hoodie in Water Bubbles. By-the-end-of-this-week is my deadline. Then I must get started on Jenna's party stuff. 

My motivation for making hoodies for the girls was:
  1. Didn't want them to freeze while waiting for the bus in the mornings
  2. But of course couldn't find decent hoodies in stores to buy
  3. Maybe I can update their slopers (at least two years outdated) for imminent Halloween costume-sewing by making these hoodies. Whoo!

Re: slopers - who was I kidding? These are raglan-sleeve hoodies, for goodness' sake. How likely am I to make raglan-sleeve fairy or princess dresses? Besides, hoodies are the loosest, shapeless-est, unfittingest garments ever i.e. they're veritable ease-fests. Dunderhead. Back to the drawing board on that idea, then. 


  1. I just love that you said "Dunderhead!"

  2. WHAT a coincidence, my 25 year old daughter just left home in Florida, to strike out on her own in Seattle. She asked for some warm fleece house pants. Those 2 polka dot fabrics are what I made for her.

    1. Isn't it nice how daughters still ask their moms to make clothes for them when they're all grown up? When I left Singapore to do my MA in Minnesota, I asked my mum for the same thing! But they weren't polka dot, though. They were plain and boring, which is how I liked them. I still have them!


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