Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wooden Sets In The Shop Tomorrow!

Hello friends!
Are you ready for some early holiday shopping?

I am pleased to announce that the wooden toy sets will be in the shop tomorrow (Monday) at 6pm (CST). I am especially pleased that I actually finished them before Christmas instead of procrastinating over several years like I often do!

In addition to the full Bakeshop sets and the Ice Cream Parlor sets, 

there are smaller a la carte sets. These will work especially well if you already have some pretend play food and just want some donuts or cookies or a dessert stand instead of the whole deal.

Some things to note:

1       The disembodied hand in all the photos is four-year-old Kate's - I thought it better that she, rather than I, pose with the wares, since it is her contemporaries who are the main market, anyway. So keep that in mind when looking at the photos - those are what the treats will look like in your kid's hand, not yours.

2      All the sets will come in the white treat boxes you see, tied with baker's twine (except for the dessert stands which have a weird shape and will just be packed in the mailing box with lots of padding). So they'll look a bit nicer for holiday gifts, if you're planning your purchases for that reason. 

3   The a la carte cookies and donuts are BIGGER (2" to 2 3/8") than the petite treats (1.5") in the full Bakeshop set. 

These are the Bakeshop treats:

And these are the large cookies - different sizes- see?

4    When planning and constructing these wooden toys, making them robust was a big thing for me. Part of the reason it took me as long as it did to make them was experimenting with different ways to prevent the pieces from breaking, splitting and otherwise coming apart in a child's hand. The dessert stands, for instance, have hardware securing the posts, feet and handles to the tiers because I wasn't comfortable with just wood glue - no matter how strong it's supposed to be - keeping the bits together. And the tiny candles of the cupcakes have their flames glued and nailed to the candles themselves 

as do the flower toppers.

Yes, very fiddly work. I was exposed to woodworking from a young age because Dad was quite the carpenter but doing it on my own now was a different story altogether. So I experimented, deliberately - and sadistically- breaking joints just to test their strength. I was at the hardware store a lot, not just to buy but to ask questions and learn. I brought in my bits and bobs and brainstormed with the staff on how to secure the tiny bits together while still keeping all the hardware concealed. Those of you who are woodworking experts will probably know just by looking, how I eventually assembled my toys. But I didn't in the beginning - and it was fun to figure it all out. All hail The Home Depot!

In spite of the effort taken to make these toys safe for my kids and yours, I can't promise that they won't break in very rough play. And broken wooden toys, unlike fabric toys, may have splinters and exposed nails and screws. Also remember that there are naturally small parts to some of these sets - like the cherries and cupcake toppers. So keep these two things in mind when considering your purchases, especially for small children.

5   If you're buying multiple items and the combined shipping is less than what was quoted, I will refund the difference, usually by paypal.

6  I am not planning to make any more wooden toys this year. Or in the near future, really. They are quite the time investment, particularly the full Bakesets and stands. However, if you want the individual treats (the cookies, tarts and donuts; I'm still of two minds about the cupcakes because of the fiddly toppers), email or convo me and I might try to make a few more in time for the holidays. Can't promise, but we'll see. Right now, my plate is beyond full - I need to shift gears and work on Jenna's birthday party and halloween costumes! 


  1. Ahhhhh... you did it!!! These are so amazing, I want them all for myself! ;) And now I'm hungry for donuts.....

  2. Hooray! Can't wait to purchase some of these treats for my 3-year-old.


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