Saturday, February 16, 2013

Make A Bag Chapter 14: Quiz

Exam time!!!
Are you ready for a quiz?
Stop fainting, people. It's very easy - all you need to do is identify bag types!

I thought about how to do a roundup of bags for you to analyze and didn't feel at all comfortable trawling the internet for DIY bag tutorials. Nobody likes their handmade stuff pigeonholed into boring bag categories, right? We all want to think our handmade bags are supremely unique and magical. This is why I've only analyzed my own handmade bags in this series for you - I don't care if you scrutinize my bags along with me and label or deconstruct them in your heads. That way I don't have to write tutorials on how to actually make them because you'll already know how to make them!

So instead, I picked a commercial bag catalog - Boden's women's bags, specifically. I like Boden. I shamelessly covet their coats. But the bags are lovely, too. 

So here's how it works. If you are so inclined, go to Boden's women's bag page here and try to categorize each of those 10 bags into the seven categories we discussed in our Make A Bag series:
1 Flat (lined or unlined)
2 Darted (includes boxed totes)
3 Gusseted
4 Wrapped
5 Bucket
6 Blocked
7 Pleated

You may not find a bag for each category; some will share the same category. Don't forget to click on all the views of each bag, for better scrutinizing.

If you want something more handmade, may I suggest Martha Stewart? Nobody does handmade more glamorously than Martha. Here is her 21-bag roundup. 

For extra credit, go categorize her 21 bags. Again, don't forget to click on the How To links to access more photos of each bag and even templates and instructions. A heads-up: you might be surprised at your results! Or maybe not - afterall, Martha is the queen of beautiful details (you're welcome for the big hint).

Answers tomorrow. No prizes, other than the satisfaction of knowing that, now, no bag is a stranger to you.


  1. I've really enjoyed this series! Thanks for taking all the time to put it together.

    Boden bags.
    1: Bucket
    2: Flat
    3: Gusseted with darts
    4: Gusseted
    5: Bucket
    6: Darted
    7: Bucket with pleats
    8: Darted
    9: Bucket
    10: Boxed

    Martha Stewart
    1: Flat
    2: pleated
    3: the tote topper is flat, the other bag may be darted.
    4: flat
    5: darted
    6: darted
    7: darted
    8: flat
    9: flat
    10: flat
    11: Pleated
    12: darted
    13: flat
    14: darted
    15: flat
    16: darted
    17: pleated
    18: flat
    19: flat
    20: flat
    21: some are flat, some are darted.

  2. I usually analyze any bag that catch my eye when I'm out! For fun I just did a post putting bags I've made into your bag types.. with lots of links to you.. if you are interested!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge so generously! Previous to this series I constructed a bag based on the need to take 'doing things' to the siblings basketball sessions, and copied a large supermarket tote that I'd been using simply because a basketball could fit in it! I know now why it just didn't work out as I visioned! I love the quiz (looking forward to the answers....), I found my self quizzically eyeing ladies handbags yesterday, trying to work out what categories they belong to. I hope to finally be able to find myself the perfect elusive handbag I have searched so long for - by making it! Thank you again :)

  4. Boden:
    1) Leather Pouch - Bucket
    2) Leather Folded Clutch - Flat
    3) Colourblock Bag - Gusset
    4) Mini Saddle Bag - Gusset
    5) Oil Cloth Shopper - Bucket
    6) Oil Cloth Pocket Bag - Darted
    7) Oil Cloth Tote - Bucket
    8) Colourpop Bag - Darted
    9) Foldaway Shopper - Bucket
    10) Chelsea Bag - Blocked

  5. This series has been the best by far for handbags. I have been sewing bags for a while now and still found the series to be very interesting and informative. You are very talented. Thank you so much for doing this for everyone!

  6. Enjoyed the quiz tremendously!! Was actually surprised at the details that I always missed in looking at bags. You are so right about being able to remember the appropriate details when you know what to look for. After the quiz, I can do something I could NEVER do before and would have dared anyone say I could....I could visualize almost each and every bag from the Boden page and Martha Stewart line-up and the details that put them in a certain category. You are good, lady, goood I say!!

  7. Thank you so much for doing this course. I've loved it so far, trying to make the bag each time. Although I'm still at the bucket one, determined to learn how to make that handle, I'll keep working at the others. You have a great writing style. thank you again.


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