Friday, February 1, 2013

Make A Bag Chapter 7: Unlined Flat Tote

Today's bag is the unlined variation of yesterday's Lined Flat Tote

In keeping with our standard 2-D bag volume/capacity,

the Unlined Flat Tote has the same finished dimensions,

and can be laid out in fabric in these ways:

For more discussion of these layouts, refer to the previous post.

Again, as with the Lined Flat Tote, we will use the bottom-fold layout:

We will be making two-fabric open-ended straps:

Because this is an unlined bag, we will need to finish the seams and raw ends of the straps. There are many ways to do this but these are the methods we are using today:
  • Side seams: french seams
  • Top edge: external hem facing
  • Ends of straps: tucked into external hem facing

To begin, baste the straps to the WS of the bag fabric. Normally, we would baste them to the RS, but an external hem facing requires the opposite configuration.

Fold the bag in half and sew up the sides in french seams.

Sew a strip of facing into a tube whose finished circumference matches that of the bag opening and attach it to the top edge of the bag, on the WS, over the straps. Press open the seam allowances of both edges of the facing, 

flip it over to the RS of the bag and edge-stitch the bottom edge of the facing to the RS of the bag.

This is the finished bag with the external hem facing.

The following are some variations on the Unlined Flat Tote bag -

with ribbon straps; 
 external-channel drawstrings;

anchored drawstrings in hem channel;

and zippered closure with external folded strap.

Also (not pictured): Christmas stockings, generic flat zippered pouches, unlined cinch bags, and those typical sponsored flat canvas totes you get at conferences and summits.  


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