Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Grand Way To Procrastinate

What to do on a Saturday night in winter in Minnesota:

A   Sew fake corset
B   Write tutorial on sewing fake corset
C   Take photos for tutorial on sewing fake corset
D   Ditch A,B and C and go solo to rock concert and watch Kevin Max sing live.

Wow, that's a tough choice. Gimme a minute to think... um...


Although, I'd forgotten how loud these things can be in an enclosed auditorium. Forgot to bring earplugs. Luckily had my ipod with me so shoved the earbuds in my ears (music off) and strategically positioned my hair to hide the wires so nobody would see and (correctly) guess how uncool and old and feeble I was.

Today: back to domesticity. Sniff.


  1. I'm 33 and I felt the same way last time I was at a concert. I guess I care more about my hearing now than when I was 18. I think I shoved some tissue in my ears.

  2. I was going to say that it was too bad you were solo, but as a mom of 2 girls, I know it was probably just what you needed!

  3. Good for you LiEr! You work way too hard on this blog and are always so kind to share your inspirational crafting with us! Thanks again for your constant inspiration and sharing your secrets - you've started me back on crafting and it's so much fun!

    On another note, we had a very large cardboard box from a fridge that my husband was going to throw away. The conversation went a little like this:

    Me: Don't throw that away
    Husband: but it's just rubbish
    M: I want to make a cubby house out of it for the kids
    H: But it's just a box
    M: It will be awesome

    Anyhow, after some discussion of what form it would take - hubby took over (I know right) and we built the best cubby for my children. The best thing, is it's recyclable! Now it's broken, it can go to the bin and then we can make her a new one!!!

    Cardboard revolution!!

    1. Amen, sistah!

      Not sure whether to clap you on the back or hug you in sympathy that your husband comandeered your cardboard project. On the one hand, he ends up having to deal with all the icky stuff - burning finger on hot glue gun, fending off helpful children, clearing up the mess etc, but on the other hand, he gets to do all the fun stuff, too. Either way, yay for disposable toys! And for giving a worthy bit of cardboard a new lease on life. Claps on the back for that!

  4. I just now realized that you are in Minnesota! Me, too. You give me hope that those days of going to see live music isn't already over in my life.


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