Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Kate's birthday's coming up. She wants a party. I haven't planned it. Am I panicking? Nope. I'm still in post-Singapore DullLand - you know, where everything is slow and I react slowly (if at all) to craft stimuli and stare slowly out the window at the snow in disbelief. But - and this is how I know my body has been hijacked by aliens - I'm doing all these handmade gifts for her, when I swore never to do handmade gifts for my children because I go insane trying to finish them in time for their birthdays or Christmas.

So Exhibit A: Handmade birthday gift #1 = that fake corset dress (photos later - am feeling slow now).

Here's Handmade birthday gift #2: Bunny.

Kate has been asking me for a bunny for some time.

"You already have a bunny." I say. "Remember? It's Baby Bunny (that's its name). She was mine (a student gave her to me years ago) and I gave her to you."
"Yes, but she's flat. I want a puffy bunny."
"What do you mean - 'flat'?"
Kate takes Baby Bunny and lets her flop on her belly, all four limbs splayed out. "See?" she explains. "Flat."
"So what's 'puffy'?"
Kate vigorously makes scrunchy fingers in the air and declares, "Like... not flat!"

How succinct. 
Eventually, through an extremely thorough interrogation process, I managed to extract enough information to understand what she wanted. Flat animals, apparently, are those designed to lie down on their tummies a la bearskin rugs or stand on four feet e.g. dogs. Puffy animals are designed to sit up on their bottoms e.g. teddy bears. Who knew?

So Kate wants a Puffy Bunny that sits on its bottom. Someday I want to make the kids a squid but for now, I can do bunnies. Stuffed toys are easy to draft up because there are principles for toy-making, just like there are principles for bag-making and clothes-making. Takes maybe an hour to cut everything out and sew a muslin to test the roundness and relative proportions of parts and so on. Then there is tweaking. The tweaking takes some time because every tweak affects some other part and needs another muslin to test out. And then the muslins must be stuffed and tested for balance. This is an interesting aspect that's absent from clothes-making or bag-making: Does The Stuffed Animal Sit/Stand Properly Or Does Its Gargantuan Head Cause It To Fall Flat On Its Face? Like what happened when I made Chicken long ago and the first muslin did a face plant on my work table. It took a couple more versions before it sat squatly and stably.

But back to Puffy Bunny. Here she is. 

She's about 16"? 18"? long, stretched out from the top of her head to her tippy toes. She's made of some weird woolly-feeling stretchy fabric that I bought from JoAnn Fabrics years ago to make a lamb (never happened). It might've been from the Fake Fur aisle or the Minky Fabric aisle - I don't remember now. It's so woolly that it required very little stuffing to make it puffy.

Here are some more photos of the Important Bunny Bits - ear lining


and footpads. 

And her round head, of course.

Kate hasn't seen her yet - a miracle. Let's hope she doesn't read this blog before her birthday. 


  1. *GASP!!* I never imagined Bunny like that! It's beyond adorable!! Oh, Kate... you are a lucky girl!!

    And now I know the difference between a flat and a puffy animal, thank goodness! :)

  2. Delightful! I have been in the process of making a rabbit with my 6 year old son, but we are working lowly and it is not as amazing as that one!!

  3. You wanna make a squid? Check out

    one of the more random things I've seen on a sewing blog! Although check her blog out, you'd love her!

  4. Such a cute bunny!

    And making squids is so fun. I'm currently working on my second giant squid (6 foot long plush).

  5. That is an adorable bunny!! I'm sure she will love it.

  6. So pretty,.. why are you not employed at a toy company, drafting toys? I love the toys you make. They have real class.

  7. This bunny is precious! I hope Kate loves her.

  8. aaaahhh she's soooo adorable!!! I wish I could pet her! Kate is gonna be in love :)

  9. Lovely puffy bunny! I hope she meets all criteria :)

  10. "Someday I want to make the kids a squid but for now, I can do bunnies." LiEr, this is why your blog is so wonderful. And your bunny is absolutely adorable.

    My kids have already pointed out that Anna is in desperate need of an Owie doll. And a crocheted monkey (since they each have one). I do have the Owie doll cut out, because it was easier to cut out four than three. And maybe some piece deep inside of me knew we would have a fourth kid. I just have to figure out what sort of hair to give her, which is my procrastination excuse for the moment. Well, that and the whole four kids including a teething 7mo who would currently just gnaw said owie doll to bits thing.

  11. Just BEAUTIFUL!!! She will make Kate's special day even brighter! Happy birthday Kate!

  12. oooh a bunny for Easter. nononono too much to do already. must not make bunny.

  13. ooh a bunny for Easter! nopenopenope, too much to do already, must not be tempted to make a bunny.

  14. The bunny is adorable !
    I also want a puffy bunny !! LOL

  15. Lier -- it's adorable!! Be careful, you may have to make two, am wondering if there will be any sibling jealousy!

  16. What a beautiful bunny. I remember the importance of having 'puffy' stuffed animals when I was younger. =)


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