Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rules For Getting Good Cardboard

Can I just profess my deep appreciation for the cardboard i/c guy at Sam's Club? Because look what he gave me when I obeyed all the rules (except #10, which was duly carried out upon wrapping up the photoshoot)!

Surely you didn't think that I'd given up on cardboard simply because I'd been trapped in some sort of drafting/sewing purgatory the past few miserably cold weeks? Pshffft. All the snow melted over the weekend! The weather's finally where it should be. And so are my crafting priorities. Onward!

P.S. But - fear not, fellow fabric enthusiasts - I'll still finish my last, dartless block. Am halfway through the muslin even as I type this. With my mind distractedly drifting towards cardboard, of course.


  1. We just received a box at work, I think it's 4 feet square, out of really thick cardboard. I'm SO taking that sucker home! But other than a hide-out/fort, I'm stumped for good cardboard ideas.

  2. Have not tried lipstick. Will report back....:)

  3. DH recycled my entire cardboard stash while the kids and I were in Florida. Should have stashed it out of sight under a mattress...

  4. Hey I am just like you...always looking for good cardboard... I make my crafts, dollhouses and dollhouse furniture with cardboard and paper mache... I need the good hard cardboard to avoid warping. I get most of my cardboard from a big packaging company... I go there every so often...crossing my fingers that the recyclable truck hasn't been there to pick up the skid packed with cardboard...then I used your tips mostly the top 5 :) and fill up my car with cardboard...nice big slabs of cardboard, sometimes if I'm lucky the 2 ply hard cardboard. So your tips definitely work. I thought it was just me :)

  5. Ha! Love it - I still say that any kid can be happy on Christmas morning with cardboard and markers, and maybe a few scraps of fabric!

  6. If anybody lives near Atwood Lake in Ohio, I own a Gyro restaurant and I have tons of really good cardboard each week.

    I love the things you make and wish I had the time to make some of them. That is why I "feel" for those of you that cannot find good cardboard.

    The boxes that contain the Gyro Meat that I use are extra heavy and would make such darn good projects. The boxes that contain the Pita bread are also nice just not quite as heavy and are like the average boxes you find.

    Just thought I would put that out there!

  7. I was given a lot of massive, folded-up boxes from an appliance store, and they lasted me for years! Now I just save smaller, heavy-duty boxes from when I order bulk herbs and veterinary supplies.


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