Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bug Party - Flower Pillows

Fat flowers for the bug party games!

These were the easiest things to make- just cut out flower shapes, 

applique on round green centers,

stuff (deploy the children)

and get instant flower pillows -

all plump and happy.

This was a really good way to use up the smaller fleece remnants from bygone costume-sewing adventures -you know, those bits that are too big to be considered scraps on which to test machine tension. 

I made these 2D pillows (meaning they were a flat sandwich) because they had to be mass-produced quickly for the party. So they're fat in the middle and flat at the edges. Were I doing these for real interior decorating, I might have added a gusset to make them more uniformly 3D. And maybe piping, but only because I'd put piping anywhere.  

Here's the pattern template. 

  1. This is a PARTIAL pattern template. It is of ONE PETAL of the flower. You need to print 5 copies, cut the five petals out and stick them together with tape as shown. This will give you the full pattern.
  2. This full pattern has NO seam allowances, so be sure to add your own around the border. 
  3. I did not include the standard 1" callibration square because there is no standard size this flower pillow needs to be. Size it up or down as you wish.



  2. I loved the whole party. As always, an amazing job! (Though I do wonder if your guests ever feel like they go home with better presents than they brought? Ha!)

  3. Love the petal pillows, I see other ways to use this for grown-ups, like me. Thanks for the pattern.

  4. hermosas definitivamente hermosas, enhorabuena.

  5. bellissimi!!!dall'italia un grazie di cuore!!

  6. good and beautiful!!!


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