Thursday, June 27, 2013

Don't Forget That Google Reader Is Going Away!


Very short post today to remind you all that come 1 July, Google Reader disappears. This means if you're getting ikatbag posts by Google Reader, you'll need a new alternative. I've imported all my to-read blogs onto Feedly. I hear there are others like it e.g. Bloglovin' so know that at least you've got choices. 

Here is ikatbag on Feedly, so you can see how it looks.

Either way, remember to get all your must-read blogs moved over from Google Reader so you don't lose any of us!

I'll try and get the Lunch-Buckets-In-The-Shop post out tomorrow (or Saturday) if I can, so you can go shopping. We're doing a garage sale tomorrow (I know, I'm nuts - but in my defence, we only do one every three years or so) so I might not get to the computer till who knows when. I'm getting rid of some cardboard stuff - let's see which neighbors are cool enough to pick those up. I desperately want to toss out the cardboard grocery shop because it's such a space hogger. I've tried several times already but they kids always wail and moan and give me the Absolutely Miserably Shattered To Death look and convince me not to. So that stays. But Trainville goes. Managed to get the kids to say yes (they bargained to keep the actual engine and cars, though).   

And, for the first time, I'm garage-sale-ing something I've sewn - the kids' crib linen. How do you put a price (and a cheap one, at that) on something handmade? Enough time has passed that I no longer feel sentimental about the associated baby memories. But, still - all those hours of work! What do you guys do with your handmade stuff when you no longer need them?


  1. Too hard to put a price on memories. I tend to gift those to someone in need.

  2. I tend to give the very special items to family or friends. I'm not the most sentimental person, but I would just prefer someone I know and love to have something personal like that.

  3. Yea you could try giving them away I guess. But as a garage sale, I know someone will be thrilled to find that kind of stuff at a garage sale too.

    I am using "the Old reader". It's the closest thing to google reader I could find. Just in case anyone else is still looking for suggestions.

  4. Can you sell the baby crib items on Etsy? I'm so sad that google reader is going away.

  5. yeah, what to do with old handmades - great question. My best friend is saving her little girl's dresses for future (hopefully) grandchildren. In the meantime, she loans them to my girl who gets to wear them for a year or two. But still, she has to have a box in storage. . . I have started saving the handmades I particularly love and checking with friends to see if they want the others.

  6. Depending on the condition and how sick I am of them by that point, I donate old projects to GoodWill or toss 'em in the trash. Special things get packed away.


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