Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Limerick For the Strong of Stomach

In her lunch box this morning:

I told her that if she could read it back to me this afternoon when she got home, we'd bake something edible together. Good incentive for reading multisyllabic words, I thought.

P.S. I also put actual food in Jenna's lunch bag. I don't send my kids off to school with just their sense of humor, in case you were wondering


  1. Snails and frog's legs don't sound so bad!

  2. Hahahahaha! You should've seen Miss C's face when I read it to her just now... eeeuuuwww!! :)

  3. I love this! Will have to put it in a frame and hang it in the kitchen. Can't you give me a daily limerick in my lunchbag, too? ;-)

  4. Heehee! Love your talent with words!


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