Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I have a 5K run this Saturday (40 degrees, snow and rain promised - oo, fun. Not.) And my girlfriend - whose indomitable enthusiasm has converted me from a swimming-only person to a swimming-and-okay-maybe-I'll-sometimes-run-and-sweat person - suggested we go in costume. As if training in the cold wasn't daunting enough. I wanted to freezer-paper stencil a Tshirt and call it a day but she thought candy would be less work. She was right, just like she was right about running not being as vile as I'd feared. 

So I made MnMs last weekend. Large MnMs, to be precise. See comparison with dime (approximate size of normal MnM, which we don't seem to have in the house). 

Here is how easy it was to make. Take two circles of felt, cut a slit in one and sew together, then turn RS out through the slit, stuff and paint "m" on the front. The slit remains the backside 

and we hand-stitch (glue, if you prefer) it to our Tshirts. 

I have to tell you, I laughed as I considered the disparity between the girls' Halloween costumes and mine. I mean, theirs involve actual tailoring and drafting and mine involved digging through my fleece scraps and a coaster around which I traced the circles. Then again, they're going to be wearing theirs all year long for dress-up and I'm... well, I am going to unpick all those MnMs and take my Tshirt back. I just thought I'd share this here in case anyone ever wondered what costume LiEr might make for herself if the need arose. Mystery solved.


  1. Stitch up a quick tic tac toe board and the felt candies could be used for a toss game.

  2. You will look so yummy! I hope no one eats you! And I REALLY hope it doesn't snow on you. Then again, that would be better than being too hot and making you melt, right?

  3. I was once on a Washington D C bus on Halloween where a young woman was wearing a garbage bag covered with fat purple balloons. The bunch of grapes, alas, was a standing-up-only costume!


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