Thursday, October 24, 2013

Done... sorta

Pevensie #3 is done. I know, I know - you're thinking, "But there were only TWO Pevensie girls in the books!" And you'd be right. BUT those two Pevensie girls had about a million different costumes in the movies, so we had a field day picking which ones to make. 

That sleeve in the photo was interesting to make. I'll show you the draft later. I did it on newspaper which I hope isn't in the recycling bin yet;  it's always easy to toss any newspaper thing lying around because all newspaper - even sewing-pattern-newspaper - looks the same.

Also, don't be tricked by all that armscye ease in the photo. This is one of the heaviest fabrics (it's 4-way stretch but I swear it's probably more like 1000-way-stretch) I've worked with and everything dragged down and sideways by like 4 inches and the basic blocks were almost totally useless and all kinds of adjustments had to be made in all directions. After numerous changes, that final armscye is actually pretty awesome, if I may say so myself. 

More photos later. Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day (i.e. finally some sun) and we should be able to get some nice photos of the girls in costume. Meanwhile, I have three accessories to make - a horn, a leather pouch and a flower garland. And your doll pattern, of course. I haven't forgotten!


  1. I'm loving it already! Can't wait to see the girls all dressed up! Wish I could lend you some of our sunshine today to hurry things along a little. ;)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. Love the colour and the ribbon trim.

  3. Love the sleeve!

    I made a dress out of fabric like that in high school. Had to completely remake it after it had hung overnight, because everything moved!

    1. MaryAnne - I love that YOU were sewing your own dresses in high school! Mum was still making mine (the ones that had bodices and sleeves, I mean- I could only produce skirt after skirt until then). I only started doing my own clothes in earnest only after I graduated. Hurrah for you!


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