Monday, October 7, 2013

Fairytale: Elixirs, Victuals and Maps

Welcome to the Fairytale Party tutorials! This first installment doesn't have much by way of instruction or step-by-step photos; almost everything in this part of the party was store-bought. So I'll be sharing links to where we found the various props.

The pixie dust vials were from here.

We printed out some fancy labels, punched holes in them and slid them onto the lanyards.

At the party, we poured colored sand (bought here for this earlier project)

into containers and provided enough funnels (bought here) for the kids to fill their own vials.

Note that the heart lockets in the first photo were filled by me. I packed the sand down and left no air space for the sand to shift. This allowed it to keep its rainbow stripe pattern. When the kids filled their lockets on the day itself, they didn't pack their sand in tightly and it eventually combined into a multicolored mass. Most of the kids didn't mind - it was just like mixing a real magic powder. But our Jenna is a rainbow aficionado and she wouldn't have her sand messed up for anything, so she had me dump it all out after and refill her container in a permanent rainbow pattern. 

The potions were water in pod-shaped bottles, which I got at the local supermarket. This is probably the first and last time at our parties that you'll see drinking water bottles doctored up to be all coordinating and overdressed. 

We made labels with our sticker machine and invented fantastical ingredients. Very easy - just ask your kids for suggestions.

These flavor enhancers came from our local supermarket, too. 

For the kids who might be too conservative to experiment with flavors, we had some recommendations on a chart. We personally tested and passed these combinations and rejected others (like grape+orange = barf).

This map is obviously hand-drawn. And at the last-minute, because I couldn't finalize the set until we knew what the weather was going to be like on the day itself. 

Next up: paper satchels!


  1. Another great party! I had never seen those flavor drops. Those would've been great for the Harry Potter potion kits I made for my son and his cousins last summer.

  2. We have a pasta dish (filipino) that uses squid ink. As a kid, I could never get the image of ink coming out of a squid's butt as I ate it. Love that it's potion recipe at a kid's party. :)

    1. Squid ink pasta is awesome! So tasty. I've had it at Italian restaurants but never knew it was also done in the Philippines. Learnt something new today!

  3. I love this party! Station parties are my favorite, and I have an almost-eight-year-old who would adore this theme...

  4. WOW! Just love the collection.


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