Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ladies of Narnia

The girls were Narnian royalty this Halloween. 

I had an absolute blast making these costumes. Unlike in previous years, there was no waffling this time. The girls said, "I want to be Susan" or "I want to be Lucy" and we got on the internet, pulled up stills from the movies, they picked their favorite Pevensie outfits, I pinterested them for reference, spent an evening at JoAnn picking fabrics, zippers and trim, and got to work.

There's nothing I like more than having a photo to work from. It's my favorite way to sew, especially when I'm not in the mood to design new stuff: take a photo or picture, deconstruct it, get out slopers, adapt, lay out, sew. Sometimes the type of fabric requires extra fittings and major pattern overhaul (I'll whine about that in more detail when we discuss Emily's dress in a later post), but otherwise it's a straightforward process. Kate's dress, for instance, required just one fitting and, subsequently, got done in a day.

What made it especially enjoyable this year was the absence of fleece and satin. Yay! They wanted dress-up costumes for playing, the girls said. Everyone voted for knit (although they called it "that Tshirt cloth like our old Renaissance dresses"). Emily was even more specific: "No zipper. Just over the head, please." Then they all convinced me that knit was more comfortable and, unlike their other fleecy Halloween dresses, wouldn't get tight when they grew bigger. 

Good argument. I completely bought it.
Besides, omitting the fleece under-layers and awful satin outer-layers reduced the production time to less than half. Totally win-win. I finished the costumes with an entire week to spare before Halloween. That never happens! 

Here they are - Queen Susan's Coronation Parade Gown (from Prince Caspian)

on Jenna;

(she wanted it exact).

Queen Susan's Coronation Gown (from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe)

redesigned by and for Emily 

(she wanted it completely redone her way);

and Queen Lucy's Dress (from Prince Caspian)

on Kate 

(she had no opinion on its exactness as long as I made the pouch for Lucy's healing cordial).

Each girl also got one handmade accessory to add to their outfit.

Emily's was a flower garland,

Kate wanted the belt and pouch (as earlier mentioned),

and Jenna got the Horn that summoned aid for Narnia from other worlds.

More photos to come in separate posts, along with random drafting drivel.

Till then -


  1. Wonderful Girl. Very cute !!! Good work.

  2. They are absolutely stunning, the girls and the costumes.

  3. fantastyczne te stroje - chyba lepsze niż oryginały:)
    bardzo pięknie wyglądają dziewczyny w tych sukienkach:)
    pozdrawiam ciepło:)

  4. Those look amazing! I'm almost disappointed we don't do Halloween over here; though the boys would probably not be too keen on wearing dresses!

  5. They look amazing! I wish I had costumes like these as a child. Your girls are very lucky and you are very talented :)

  6. Wow - they are amazing - and adorable!

  7. These are such lovely costumes. I think the joy on your girls' faces shows just how happy they are. I adore Jenna's dress. I know that sleeve gave you dramas, but the dress looks brilliant. I'd love to know how you did the design on the front of the bodice.

  8. Wow, those are some lucky girls! I remember my Mom making me costumes when I was that age. Great job on them! Hardworking Mom! Be proud! These are the things they will remember when they are older.

  9. Fantastic costumes, photography, and little ladies! WOW!!

  10. Those costumes are fantastic. As usual, you have outdone yourself to your children's everlasting delight.

  11. can I be one of your daughters...please??

  12. Beautiful dresses! I especially love that each of your girls is clearly thrilled with her dress!

  13. Wow. They are beautiful. I always admire your costumes, but those are even greater than usual !

  14. That's the sound of my jaw hitting the floor, again!


  15. I am speechless...but I can get it together enough to appreciate out proud and lovely your daughters look. The dresses are beyond words. I love the experiences your children are growing up boggles my mind to imagine what they might be able to accomplish as adults with this amazing foundation!

  16. Most beautiful costumes. Your girls look so so sweet.

  17. Ahh, what gorgeousness. Sometimes I wish you were my mom, too! (even though my own mom is pretty awesome-- this is not a slight to her, but a compliment to you ;-))


  18. All your creations are utterly exquisite - the girls and their dresses. They are totally lovely., As my sweet son says about me, I truly have to say about you: "Wonder woman has a poster of you on her wall"!!

  19. Oh my goodness - these are beautiful! So glad they are not the "usual" princess dresses. And don't worry about the drafting drivel - I want to hear all of it! :)

  20. How can you manage to be awesome every post?... I just don´t know.... beautiful dresses! (beyond costumes I must said)... happy and beautiful girls!.. that´s the best. Congrats!

  21. You never cease to amaze! They are all equally beautiful (as are your girls).
    I love the attention to detail.

  22. Hit out of the park as usual! I love working from photographs, especially ones from movies. Aside from being a homage to really good costume design, it closely ties in with character and imagination fills in the rest...

  23. Beautiful costumes and beautiful girls!

  24. Lindas!
    Elas estão lindas!!
    Pronto...Minha Lady também quer um com bolsinha!!!
    Você sempre se superando ,não??!!!

  25. Do you make and sell dresses? I really want one!


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