Monday, October 28, 2013

Random Skirt Photos

Man, I need a haircut.

So today being a finally non-terrible-weather day, everybody stayed outside as much as they could. We rode bikes and raked leaves and mowed the lawn and rigged another quest for the kids to enjoy, this time with their favorite stuffed animals as prisoners to rescue. And also we took photos, since I was already wearing this skirt and I hadn't shown you guys the thing actually been worn by a human.

Here I am pulling my cardigan to show you the fit at the back.

Sometime I might wear Wool Skirt #1 and take photos. I really can't be bothered to pose in my own clothes for photos for this blog. Not interesting, clothes. But for completeness' sake, maybe. And maybe if it's convenient e.g. I'm already wearing it, and the husband fortuitously is holding the camera and the weather is coincidentally amazing and no one has to suddenly cook dinner or rescue some kid from a crisis. 

Slightly related: since the girls' costumes are finished, I feel no compunction to sew any more skirts, wool or otherwise. However, I did buy enough lining for a third (possibly fourth) brown skirt and I'm thinking I'd rather sew it than condemn the lining to my stash. Just for fun, should I make a panel skirt? And show you how I integrate the darts and flare into the seam design? Like this other skirt? So you can do it yourself and not have to waste money buying a pattern (really, nobody should have to buy a pattern to make a skirt)?


  1. Perfect fit.... so nice! I like your boots, too. :)

  2. Oooh that would be so nice! I have screenshots of that other saved on my computer, labeled "figure this out...panels + godets + side pockets."

  3. Beautiful fit! Yes, teach us, please!

  4. It looks great! And please, please if you have the chance, show us how you make a panel skirt? Because some of us are still at the skill level of having to buy a pattern.

  5. Love the skirt! I am also coveting your boots. :)

    1. Olga: Thank you! It took me quite a while to find black boots I liked. All the ones I saw (and bought and returned) had heels that were too low, or the wrong shape, or shiny, or had buckles in the wrong places, or too loose at the calf, a whole host of other problems. Here they are - I just removed that buckled harness thing.

  6. Yes please on the panel skirt tutorial! I love the way this skirt turned out. The fit is perfect!

  7. I love that you are able to wear wool skirts and boots!

  8. very nice skirt skirt.... but omg seriously adoring those savage boots!!!

  9. love your skirt, but those boots are savage!!


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