Friday, November 15, 2013

Children's Toy Turned Sewing Tool

Don't scoff at pink Crayola toys, people.

This is what I'm using as a tracing pad/light box these days. 
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And let me tell you, it's quite excellent. And FLAT. And portable, because it's battery-operated. Fits letter size paper perfectly, without shifting. Here it is shining through two layers of white printer paper. 

This is Emily's, but I shamelessly borrow it all the time. And it comes in blue, too, if you disprefer pink.

And no, this is not a sponsored post, nor did Crayola (or amazon) send me anything for free to say anything about. I like my reviews this way - I buy* my own stuff, I use them, I fall in love with them, I tell you and you pin them, no strings attached. 

* or, in this case, swipe the children's.

P.S. Doll pattern update: just numbering my pages now. Then it's off to the testing lab. Then we all hound Grandma G, and then I make edits and then I open shop. And then I go off to sew wool skirts in relief.


  1. I've been using my daughters for a while now. I even get her to do the tracing as she has lots of practice.

  2. That looks like a great tool! Much more convenient than the one my daughter made in high school. ;)

    Yeah let's all hound Grandma G.......

    1. Fear not, pattern tester person! Did you notice how I completely omitted any actual links to you (so that there wasn't really any way to actually track you down)? Although now that you've commented from your profile, uh...

    2. I did notice that (not that they couldn't have tracked me from your other posts)! Actually, Grandma might need a little hounding. A little. ;) But apparently not as much as YOU need... where's that pattern?! Heheh.

      Let's all hound LiEr......

  3. Great tip. I'm off to put it in my Amazon cart right now. BTW, you and I are of the same mind on the review business. Are we alone on this?

  4. Emma has the blue one, and I agree - it's excellent!

  5. Great tip! do you think that would it work for tracing on felt? Because I always use my windows but this would be way more comfortable, I think.

  6. Too funny! I just saw a commercial for this on the tv tonight and thought it was super cool but never thought about it as a crafting tool. I think it just got raised on the must buy list!

  7. This is genius!! I usually tape things to my window but that gets difficult in winter.

  8. FYI: The blue one is currently $15 on Amazon. I had it sitting in my cart for a few days while I thought about it but that made up my mind right quick!


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