Thursday, November 21, 2013

More Press

Another PR post today, folks.

but not a craft (or cardboard how-to) this time; instead, there's an article on family-warmfuzziness.

I actually got to talk on the phone with the lovely folks at Family Fun one afternoon! In the short interview, they wanted to know if I had a practice/tradition to share about quality time and enriching family relationships.

Like outsourcing all my least favorite chores to house elves, you mean? I almost asked.
Oh, apart from that.

So I shared what the girls and I actually do every Friday. 

Sometimes the plans change, of course. Like during the seven weeks leading to Christmas, the girls have swimming lessons at 445 pm on Fridays, which makes it a bit manic to go out to tea and get everyone in and out of the pool and showered and dressed and still put supper on the table without losing my head. So we pick a different day, until their swimming lessons are done. Like Thursdays. Which means today. Uh. I hope I have self-raising flour in the cupboard somewhere. 

Lots of other fun stuff in this month's issue. Like a feature on making superhero capes for kids in partnership with sister mag Parents and Craft Hope (which you can read about here). 

And then I paged through the magazine some more and saw this:

Argh! So gorgeous. Must make. Maybe as an advent calendar activity? Or the advent calendar itself?


  1. Congrats LiEr! I still can't believe they haven't offered you a job yet. Really, there couldn't be someone more perfect than you.

  2. So thrilled they are featuring people like you! And that castle is fabulous - I hope you do turn it into an advent calendar (and blog about it!)

  3. Ahh! I am making an advent calendar like this, but with a gingerbread house.. all of the trimmings, including decorations for the house, little felt gingerbread people, felt trees, a little felt sleigh, etc. will be given to the kids to add daily. I was inspired by your booboo dolls, and made the house out of that strange soft-side-of-velcro polyester material. 5 more days, and we'll see how it goes.


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