Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Behind-the-scenes shots of some elements of the Adventure Doll Set I'm slowly conceptualizing, which is the less-princessy-mermaidy-fairy-y complement to the Fairytale Doll Set

I'm not calling it the Boy Doll Set, by the way, because girls, if so inclined, do all the things boys do, and then some. Nonetheless, there are Boy Doll patterns in this set, and they are cut out and sitting on my sewing table. I just haven't had the time to actually sew the boy samples yet. I got as far as getting a good pants draft, and an okay raglan top draft, which still needs tweaking, and then advent hit me full in the face. Maybe in the new year.

The tent, though, is ready. This is Muslin #2, which I love. 

Muslin #1 was made to test the dowel channels, the construction sequence and the fabric weight (will the dowels hold it up? Will the sides collapse inwards? Does it need interfacing?). So, I made it in ugly fabric. Muslin #2 corrected all the flaws, so it got to be made in gorgeous fabric.

And no, it has zero interfacing. Just dowels and geometry.

The front flaps open up

and buttons back.

There is a little back window for light,

and an interior roomy enough

for one Fairytale (or Adventure) Doll as is

or in her/his sleeping bag.

I was very tempted to make this tent completely reversible because, as you know, I like poking fun at the current (and somewhat baffling) Reversible!!!!! sewing trend

But then I felt guilty about being so flippant and naughty, so I left the tent normal. See? No dowel channels on the inside of the tent. So NOT reversible. Yay. (You're welcome to jump on the Reversible!!!! bandwagon yourself, though. I might be wicked and include brief hints in the pattern on how to do it, just in case it's your thing.)

I hid all the seams, though, since I dislike any kind of exposed seam allowances in craft projects. It's a turn-inside-out several times kind of project, which is my favorite kind. 

See that pointy apex in the photo above? This tent is full of 3-D apices. Now, all you quilting folks can probably do them your sleep, but it made me wonder if I need to be extra careful in the instructions so regular, non-quilting people can sew them just as easily. Must write a note to myself and stick it somewhere. Like my forehead. But not till after Christmas.

All good tents need a Put-Away-System, because who wants to lug a messy tent to and from campgrounds? Ours comes with straps

so you can fold it flat,

tuck the dowels inside, 

roll it

all the way up

and store it, all neat and compact.

More to come! I'm dreaming NASA/SpaceX. Because everybody knows that all girls secretly want to be astronauts and aeronautical engineers (and some boys).


  1. Oh, my word... what an awesome tent! I know one little girl who would be thrilled to put her brand new doll in a tent like that! Whenever. :)

    I'm liking the clothes, too! Lots of potential.....

  2. Sold! Love it! Congrats on another fabulous design. Can't wait for the pattern on this one. Good thing there is no download this very minute because that big stack on my sewing table? The one that HAS to be gone by Christmas morning? It would be in serious jeopardy. :-)

  3. Yay!! Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Now you're talking! I will totally be buying this pattern!

  5. Very useful and imaginative play set!! Great job, Lier! :)

  6. I am always amazed at the great ideas you come up with, love it!

  7. I love the tent and my daughter is not at all into princess things but the adventure set will be perfect because dolls are very much loved in this house. I really like that you have a way to roll it up and store it neatly.

  8. When I made the girl doll my son asked me to make a boy one--now it will be so much easier and more fun! I'm looking forward to it!

  9. Holy crud balls! This is one of the most awesome things I have ever seen!
    You amaze me.
    I never buy patterns, but this one, I may have to.

  10. oh!
    maybe also a beach set... towel, suglasses, swimsuit, umbrella, picnic basket, giant ball...

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  12. OH MY! This is awesome! My kids LOVE to camp. And they pretend camp all the time. They would just love this.

  13. I think I'm going to want to play with these almost as much as my daughter! I'm already planning to dig up that barbie cot tutorial you did and resize it for these dolls. Two dolls have been regulated to sleeping on a mat on the floor next to the bed so I think they need "real beds."

    I've been trying to figure out how to make a wizard robe for one of the dolls. If I don't get it soon, I'll just wait for this set and extend the t-shirt sleeves/length if I have to. :)

  14. SO excited about this!!! I get tired of "boy" and "girl" labels for everything. With three girls and one boy I find that my son likes pretty much everything my daughters do - and vice versa. Truly awesome toys will always appeal to both genders, in my opinion!

  15. Oh please please please do a NASA set! I've been seeing these cute little dolls but I have boys - oh I think they WOULD like a NASA set. I could probably cobble together ninja clothes but honestly I want to purchase something just to show my support of all the sewing excellence I've gathered from you over the past few years.
    Case in point: my six year old son found a little pouch at Target: "This is cute mom" he said unzipping it (we were Christmas shopping for a cousin), "But it has raw edges." He noticed sadly.
    You are the ancestor of that comment!

  16. This is awesome. My 5-year old daughter not-secretly wants to be an astronaut, so I'm anxious to see what's to come...

  17. What a wonderful idea, fantastic! My granddaughter would love this as she wants me to make her a fabric dollhouse and it's her birthday this month!! Thank you, thank you xxx

  18. Oh, it's patterns and projects like this that make me wish I made more time for sewing. My kids (both male and female) would adore this. And I loved the fairy tale set... But fairy tale dolls are a dime a dozen. But an adventure doll? I love it!

  19. This is very cute! Yay for camping girls - we have 3 in our family!

  20. It's super fantastic! I love it!! :) When will the pattern be out?

  21. How do I buy the pattern this please? And is the tent large enough for a barbie doll?

    1. Alison: The pattern is not available at the moment. I am sorry!

  22. Hey Lier, I was looking for inspiration and suddenly I found your tent, first in my memory and then in your blog. I have been a long time reader of your and I am always amaze about your creativity and skills.
    Anyway, I know that it is ages now, but, what did happen with this awesome project? would you consider it again before the kids (yours and mine) are irrevocably too old for this?
    I know it is a long shot though :)
    Thank you for all what you have taught me!
    Vania (from Chile)

  23. Hello, is the pattern available? It’s a long shot as it has been 10 years now from 2013. But did you decide not to release this pattern at all? Because it would’ve been a good pattern to sell!

    1. Hello Anonymous: no, I never did write this pattern. I had every intention to, but ended up not having the time to. I am sorry!


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