Thursday, December 19, 2013

They Gave Their Teachers Medicine

An old project, one that we've done several times, for the various teachers in the girls' lives. It goes back even further than that to the time when I was a teacher myself and gave Anti-Stress Pills to each of my students when they were swotting for their marathon A-Level exams. That was more than 100 bottles and labels and pounds and pounds of little sugar-topped flower cookies. Per cohort of students. And I taught almost 10 full cohorts before I was whisked away to work in the Singapore education HQ we call The Ministry Of Education. 

All the recipients - both teacher and student - laughed when they saw their gift. 

And that is medicine in itself, isn't it?


  1. So cute! And yes, laughter is the best medicine. :)

  2. Great idea ! And great for last-minute gifting, too. Thank you !

  3. Where did you get the cute labels from? If you made them, could you please put them on here for download? They're so cute, and a great idea! I think I'd give them to my kids' teachers in spring, when patience is starting to run low.

  4. Aw what a great idea! In the Netherlands there is no custom at all to give teachers a present!


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