Tuesday, February 18, 2014

7 Utterly Random Most Recents

Snapshots of where I am this fortnight -

#1 Most recent song-breaking-my-heart-right-now:

Track #9: Dyin' Day

#2 Most recent just-read:
"My friends call me Wrath. My enemies call me Please Have Mercy. What's your name, soldier boy?" - Raffe, during a human-Resistance interrogation (Angelfall, pg.95.)

So awesome. I want my own personal archangel.

#3 Most recent BIP (Book In Progress):

Checked this out after finishing Ender's Game (no, I haven't watched the movie). Love the writing. It's like being in a world in which everyone speaks like their IQ is off the charts or writes like they work for the government. 

#4 Most recent mistake:

What was I thinking? There is no such thing as an alternative nutella.

#5 Most recent mission accomplie:

Eight bunnies (or "kittens", as we should correctly say). My sewing room is officially a warren.

#6 Most recent home invasive species:

I remember the good old days when it used to be Cheerios. 

#7 Most recent craft workshop with the kids:

Geometric Stuffed Toys 101
Will share soon (along with all the other projects and tutorials on my Procrastinating List). 


  1. You've been busy! Lovin' the bunnies! Those other little critters are mighty cute, too!

  2. So sorry about the alternate nutella.....I fell for that too. My child didn't even see the packaging, but took a bite of her toast and asked what was wrong with the nutella that morning.
    Never again! :)
    Our home is also invaded by tiny rubber bands.
    Thanks for sharing the randomness!

  3. I'm so glad I get to learn from other's mistakes. I've been wondering about the alternates that I've seen popping up. Now I know to steer clear. Thanks for the warning.

  4. My mom challenged me to knock-off nutella taste test when I was 8. She didn't believe I could tell the difference. Needless to say, it's been the real stuff ever since. :) Love the craft workshop with the kids. Inspiring. I just keep yelling at mine to go outside....

  5. Did you try homemade Nutella ? I think it's better than any of the alternatives, even the one from Trader Joe's. We have the same invasive species here.

  6. I also loved both of the Angelfall books... and all of the Ender books... and all of the subsequent Bean books (Ender's Shadow series). Are you on Goodreads.com?

  7. We are big Ender fans around here! Have you seen the movie? The battle room costumes are structured garments on steroids. I tried to recreate the jacket for Halloween. I worked on that baby for WEEKS and I got: It's hot mom can I take it off now please?

    Can I recommend a book? "Aspen Experiments" by Corrie Garrett. She also has some audio books! Have a great week!

  8. Add me to the list of fans waiting for the pattern/tutorial for those devastatingly adorable bunnies.

  9. Best alternative I've found is the World Market brand hazelnut spreads - even comes in fun flavors like chocolate/strawberry swirl!


  10. I sent N on his work trip with Ender's Game. He had to find a bookstore to buy Speaker for the Dead (the next book in order of date written, which is even more engrossing). I'm going to go back and start reading chronologically, I think.

    1. Did Alex like EG? Also, I watched the movie last night. Um, sad. I thought it quite missed many of the points of the book, and felt watered down. Then again, it was a lot of plot to squeeze into 2 hours (or however long the movie was). I haven't read SFTD - checked it out from the library but had to return it because it was due before I had the time to start it.


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