Friday, February 14, 2014


Off-focus shot of this dress I couldn't bring myself 
to blog about because it is a frock.
And LiEr does not do frocks.
(And yet look at her. Pearls, no less. Long story.) 

However, this frock has many good drafting lessons in it, 
so in the name of education, I think I'll share it after all.
At some point in my life, I mean.  


  1. LiEr wears frocks (and anything else) very well. It is such a lovely "frock"! And you are teasing again. :)

  2. There's no way I will attempt that project, but I would totally buy that dress ready-made (no, that's not a suggestion to start a production lines with your girls! Ha!) You look lovely, pearls and all.

  3. Frock or not, LiEr looks gorgeous!

  4. I must remember to use "frock" more often. Such a sweet word. You look great and are SUCH a tease.

  5. It is beautiful and you are stunning! Frocks and pearls look gorgeous on you.

    Now all you need is some Spring to wear them with!


  6. From what I can see of it, I like the fabric and the ruched sleeves :)


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