Monday, February 10, 2014

I Love Finding Old Patterns

It's always a treat to revisit an old WIP and find that I actually made a pattern (instead of randomly drawing on fabric, which is a rather reprehensible habit, which I am ashamed to say I sometimes do).

And that I didn't throw it away immediately after making it (which is a slightly less reprehensible habit, but only because I don't like saving patterns because they hog space).

And that I actually stapled the pieces together to keep them in one place, even if that place is the innards of some old folder that I hardly ever access so that it is completely unlikely that I will ever find it again.

But which, this time, I inexplicably did. 

! ! ! 

Either the planets have aligned or else the 2010 me was an imposter whom the aliens left in my place while they were conducting brain tests on the real me in their mothership. 

P.S. I haven't forgotten that I owe you a qipao deconstruction and a frog tutorial. So I'm procrastinating again (what -like you're surprised?).


  1. Woohoo... a treasure! Yeah, it's great to find things like that, and even better if it's at a time when you actually can use them. ;)

  2. Maybe that pattern slipped over from an alternate universe where you do things like that all the time. Hey, in an infinite number of universes there has to be ONE where I'm organised, right?

    I will be excited to read you deconstruction/tutes whenever you get to them! Will you eventually get to talking about the sleeve shape/angle? I have just been reading a couple of blogs about similar things, and it sounds like this is exactly my problem, but I'd appreciate your usual sensible and clear explanation! I also think I'll probably have to end up redrafting a lot of sleeves since I have to adjust armholes, so something not from the point of view of adjusting existing patterns would be super handy! NO PRESSURE though, good content for free means it takes time! And maybe doesn't get made because you have a life etc :)

  3. I bought a box of "catalog envelopes" and use those for my patterns....I write what it is, notes about how "next time smaller seam allowances" or "needs a placket" etc. on the outside. They stand up in a shoebox sized plastic bin under my sewing machine desk. I have several hundred at this point (some have been tied up with ribbon and stored elsewhere.) I still have random pieces of patterns strewn about my office, but it works pretty well as a system. heh. k.

  4. I forever have random bits of patterns lying around my sewing room, and sometimes I don't even do a pattern if it is something easy enough. A few years ago I had a grand plan to put all my pattern drafts in binders in clear envelopes and write what is in each one on nicely cut chalkboard contact paper that I adhered to the envelope. Yeah. That works part of the time. Sometimes they actually get in the envelope, and if they are really, really lucky I write what it was. Or just draw a quick picture. It works…sort of. ;)

  5. Replies
    1. Harrison 275: Alas, it isn't Kate's Bunny, who was designed and made last winter. This is a very small baby bunny from 4 years ago that I started and gave up on in the First Muslin stage. Am revisiting it because it has the potential to be heartbreakingly, hopelessly cute. Assuming I get the face right, I mean. If not, it could be ghoulish.

    2. I was hoping... but i am sure your small baby bunny will be awesome. I look forward to seeing your creation…..


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