Monday, March 24, 2014

Bunny Clothes and Tote

Ridiculously easy project for kids today.

We're making miniscule bunny totes.

You'll need a rectangle of felt and some trim (or ribbon).

Fold rectangle in half, with the folded edge at the bottom. Lay trim along one edge and stitch through all three layers = trim+2 layers of felt.

Bring trim over to the backside of the other edge of the felt and stitch that down. Or stitch it on the same side so that there is a front and back to the tote.

Repeat all around the rainbow.

This next project is a bit too fiddly for children to make. It involves elastic and stretching. But you can sew these skirts and hats all in a row like bunting and give the kids a pair of scissors to cut them apart. I did this with Kate and she was thrilled.

Cut rectangles of fleece and lengths of 1/4" elastic that will stretch around the waists of the bunnies. The rectangles should be longer than the elastic.

Zig-zag stitch the elastic to the WS of the fleece, along one long edge. Pull the elastic to match the length of the fleece rectangle as you sew. When done, that edge should retract as shown. Make the other edge fancy - it will be the hem of the skirt.

Then, with RS together, stitch the short ends of the skirt together. And turn RS out. 

The hats are made from wide pizza-slice-shaped pieces of fleece, folded in half with their RS together, and sewn along their straight edges to make a cone.

Dress the bunnies. We call these our Wee Willie Winkie hats and PJ skirts.

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  1. You are such a good Mum x I love seeing your toys and clothes you make, I only had a boy child, all he wanted was technology, so am slightly jealous ! xx


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