Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bunny Food

We're making carrots today. 

If you need it, there is a carrot template you can download along with the bunny bed in this earlier post.
Otherwise, just eyeball a shape that's like a pizza slice and cut that out of orange wool or wool-blend felt.  

You'll also need a needle and orange thread, a little rectangle of green felt, pinked along one edge, and a bit of stuffing.

Whipstitch the long edges of the carrot together.

Don't cut the thread off when you reach the opening. Stuff the carrot and stitch the opening closed. Don't cut the thread off now, either!

Roll the rectangle of green felt and impale it on your needle, close to the edge that isn't pinked.

and stitch that to the top of the carrot.

Finished carrot.

Give to bunny for QC.

Make more.

Package attractively so as to appeal to small children.

Feed bunnies.

But - you know - being babies, the food is likely to end up on the floor, anyway.

And they'll squeak at you to come pick it up.


  1. I just love Bunny's plump tummy. I guess he eats a lot of those carrots. Yum! :)

  2. Those last two lines... YES, so true! Oh, you were talking about the bunnies, not my babies-in-highchairs. =)

    1. too funny, I thought about teenagers....
      I am still in love with the bunnies, thanks again

  3. Love how you describe this, so funny :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautifully simple - just my style. Thank you, LiEr!


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