Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Folding Camp Stools in Arrow

Camp stools!

I've been making these for the girls this past week. 

Let me say that we're sooooo ready for summer.
And being outdoors, and sitting on the deck, and concerts in the park and all things warm and relaxing and fun.

Remember that director's chair I reupholstered in reversible Arrow? I decided it needed a footrest.

Which could also be a side table. 

And which I thought I'd better make three of, so the girls could each have one.

I made the white-and-orchid one first. And decided that while it was perfect for Kate, who's now 6, it was too little small for Jenna or Emily. So I made the next two a little larger.

Here are the finished dimensions for both stools - the larger

and the smaller.

With a little bit of simple Math, they can easily be sized up for adults.

Want to make your own? I'm sharing the tutorial today on How About Orange!

All you need is lumber,

some hardware,

ordinary woodworking tools,

and fabric. 
Or - if you're not big on sewing - store-bought placemats.

But, really, the sewing is simple - just a rectangle and straight seams.

Make the frame,

staple on (or hammer in tacks) the fabric,

and you've got some cute seats.

Fold them up to store or pack them in the car.

Or put food on them.

Or employ them as photoshoot props.
(Or simply an excuse to use some really gorgeous fabric, really.)

See the tutorial here at How About Orange!


  1. These are terrific and so is your full tutorial on making the stools. Thanks for sharing. I might just have a go at making one or two!

  2. These are lovely - and so are your photos!


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