Wednesday, May 14, 2014

2014 Lunch Buckets (and more) in the shop!

I just want to say that these babies are ready for new homes.

Before I show you more photos and invite you to go shopping, I want to introduce to you the three buckets you won't get to adopt (sorry).

They're for the girls' teachers -

the one who loves MnMs so much that everyone knows it,

the one who loves red and gets ikat because that's the highest honor I can bestow upon any teacher (or human being in general),

and the one who gets my (possibly) favorite bucket of the whole baker's dozen.

Who says spots don't go with checks and mustaches?

Okay, that's enough of the 3 buckets you can't have.

Here are the 10 buckets you can have.

All those buttons!

And bases!

The lunch buckets have removable button-on straps 

and drawstring covers to keep contents secure. 

The drawstring covers also fold inwards 

or outwards for different looks.

These buckets are 7" across, about 7.5" high with the strap down and about 13" with the strap up. They are canvas on the outside, accented with cotton and home-dec fabric, and lined with various wipe-clean materials on the inside - oilcloth, laminated cotton or Therma-flec (that silver ironing board fabric). You can read the individual listings for the exact lining for particular buckets. 

Don't like the fabric combinations? Sew your own with the pattern:

On the shelves are also some other ikatbag goods from the hoard. 

Some of them I made a while back when the shop was brand new and not many people knew about it. I'd sewed a bunch of varied merchandise to test the market and whatever didn't get sold in three months got put into storage.

I'd always planned to re-list them someday, but the nursing infant became a toddler and the other toddler finished potty-training and became a preschooler and the other kid started grade school and one thing led to another and - suddenly - it's 2014.

Other items I made more recently, for the purpose of tutorial and pattern photoshoots i.e. they were samples and therefore they never even got listed in the shop. So that's the story - everything on the shelves is new and -unintentionally- very limited-edition; it's just that I never got around to listing (or re-listing) them. Procrastination at its finest! In fact, if I wait another couple of decades, I can probably list them as "vintage".

One more thing to say before you go shopping: I can't believe the cost of international shipping these days. It's ridiculous. I don't even send much stuff back to Singapore to my folks now if I can help it. Anyway, if you do buy multiple items from the shop, I always combine the shipping and do paypal refunds of the difference. This goes for domestic orders as well.

So lots of colorful things to browse and buy - in time for teacher gifts, summer treats and I-Don't-Really-Need-A-Reason presents, really.

And not just in ikat.

(Although ikat is still the best).

Go to the shop here!


  1. Your fabric combinations never cease to thrill me! Every item is just superb!

  2. The buckets are fabulous and so very cute!


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