Friday, May 23, 2014

Images of the Interim

Small projects simultaneously going on while we wait for summer and school to be out:

1 Teacher Appreciation Gifts the girls and I have been working on. 

3 Marker pouches I am sewing (arguably) too many of.

There are other projects on a never-ending list, 
but these are the ones that got bumped up to the top. 

Happy Memorial Day weekend, all!


  1. oooh... marker pouches?
    The time I saw it, I loved it. Now it is on my "to do (when you figure it out)" list, which is second to the other list, the "This should have already been done" list.
    May I hope in a tutorial? Or at least some photos of the construction sequence?

  2. I like the sound of too many marker pouches! Maybe for birthday party favors? But maybe that means some will someday migrate to the shop -- woohoo!

  3. I just love this marker holder, but I would love to have dimensions for all the parts


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