Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Normal

The summer is over and my wee ones are off to school.

I spent the last week in a state of emotional limbo, willing the summer to last forever while also eagerly anticipating the start of the school year, when I could settle into less manic routines. Then, suddenly, it's today and in a flurry of activity, the kids got out the door and onto the bus, waving goodbye.

And just like that, I have been launched into a brand new normal. More quickly than I'd expected. I feel like I am all ready to start checking off my list of responsibilities and chores and email and commissioned projects - the things that had to be backburnered while being a Mom of summertime stayhome children. Yes, I miss my kids. Yes, I'll probably lapse into small pockets of sentimental wallowing throughout the day before pulling myself together and moving on. And no, of course I won't get even half of those chores done, but it's astounding how productive a person can feel in the wake of a departing schoolbus.

Someone, however, isn't feeling quite so productive.
Someone is just waiting for that schoolbus to come back around.
Someone who makes no pretense of putting on a stoic face while missing her best friend.

(This is not a posed photo. I found her there this morning when we came back to the house after ushering the kids off to school. I almost cried.)

There is little doubt that Kate won't be missing Bunny too much, distracted as she is with all the madness in school that is typical of First Days. But just in case she does, Bunny sent her a little gift in her lunch bag.

The Mother herself might have tucked some handmade I'm-A-Thinkin'-Of-You toys in everyone's lunch bags, too, as per the annual tradition

But that's a post for another day. I'm off to wallow in the pool now, before the schoolbus comes back again, bringing my children home. There will be hugs and joyful reunions and high and happy voices, all clamoring to be the first to tell their stories. And we will be eating snacks and packing towels and grabbing novels and rushing out the door to swim lessons and gym classes and . . . what the . . .! Ah. Saaaaaaaame mania, brand new normal. 


  1. Awwwwwww.... poor Bunny! *sniff* How adorable is that?! I love the wee lunch bag Bunny!!

  2. I remember these sentiments exactly as you have expressed. I loved having my kiddos home for the summer and had mixed feelings when school started. Now my "kiddos" are married, establishing their homes and starting their families. How time flies!


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