Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Our House Is A Party Lab


Science Party this Saturday.

I have sixteen optic fiber bundles to make and about a hundred circuit joints to solder before the kids get home from school. 

After I procrastinate by having lunch and listening to music, I mean. And maybe cutting fabric for a project I don't even need to make.


  1. ... and by teasing us once again with your blog post..... :)

    Looks like a great party is in the making! Carry on.......

  2. Now thats a party I want to be invited to!

  3. I love this! please share more information! I would love to put a mad science party together for my Girl Scout Troop!

  4. I love your parties! I wish I could get invited to them too :)

  5. Oh wow, best party ever. I am now jealous of your kids' friends for going to this party. It may be time to pick up a book on home electronics.

  6. NOBODY procrastinates like you. -Nadia A.


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