Thursday, October 9, 2014

Felt Food Accessories

This is a new post about old stuff.

You all have seen my donuts and frost-able cookies and piping bag before. So you might be thinking that I'm cheating by trying to pass off old projects or - worse - old photos, as new. 


I want to show you the baking sheet and serving box I made to go with a new set of confectionery. You know, in case you want something handmade to give the kids for Christmas and wished you had a way to make it all feel a little less a la carte and a little more playset.

Quick background: these felt treats are for a fundraiser in Singapore. So not for my own kids and not for my etsy shop (sorry). It is noteworthy that most of the time, I cut my donut and cookie frosting pieces out free-hand, rather than actually use my template. And these days, I use as much beads as I do embroidery floss for the sprinkles. 

But this post is not about the donuts.

It's about the donut tray. The plan was to mail everything to Singapore, so I wanted a collapsible design. 

Then I remembered that old heirloom embroidery pillowcase book bin I made for Emily in the summer. This works the same way - the base unzips

and the whole thing flattens

and folds into a half-width package.

The greyish-silver fabric is Therma-Flec, aka ironing board fabric. The base is just a double layer of fabric, no interfacing. The walls are double layers of the fabric with heavy-duty template plastic inside. Again, no interfacing (other than the plastic inserts). 

I used the same fabric to make a baking sheet. Really easy to make - just two rectangles of the fabric, with a third rectangle of sew-in interfacing between them, sewn like a placemat.

Here are the unfrosted cookies on the sheet,

and here they are again, frosted.

This is the full set - cookies, frosting, piping bag, the baking sheet (which folds or rolls up) and a drawstring pouch to hold everything.


  1. This is incredible! Love it and love your creativity.

  2. Oooh, also thought you could use the ironing board material at the tip of the piping bag to make it look like there's a metal piping tip there! Then, you could omit the interfacing on the inside?

    1. Yes, Alana, you could! Just glue it on the outside and hope the curved edge doesn't fray (or zig-zag it like an applique).

  3. What a great idea! I know two little girls who would like to find this under the Christmas tree.


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