Monday, November 3, 2014

Coming Soon(ish) To A Screen Near You

Image from The Enid Blyton Society

The movie.


Let me tell you, I was beside myself when my friend Jen told me about it last month. Read it for yourself here and here.

Will we soon see action figures and dolls? Will your children will be climbing trees to hold picnics up in the topmost branches and be begging you to sew costumes just so they can re-enact the adventures of Jo, Bessie and Fanny (or whatever their names will be after the PC brigade are done with the screenplay, grrr)?

Will they paint their own peg dolls and make their own cardboard Trees?

And fall in love with Blyton's other beloved worlds: The Wishing Chair, Mallory Towers, St Clares, The Five Find-Outers, The Famous Five, The Secret Seven, as well as the lesser-known Mystery, Secret and Adventure series? 

And, more importantly, will this dose of Hollywood bring those stories -finally - into our libraries here in the US?

I am all agog.


  1. I grew up on Blyton, too. I once famously read 30 Famous Five/Secret Seven books in three weeks, much to my parents' dismay. They'd hoped the Christmas haul would last me a LITTTLE longer than that!

  2. What fun! Google buns!

  3. You just made my day!! We're halfway through the third book with our 4 & 7 year old and all loving it. Movies will be the icing on the cake - in the meantime I have some lovely cardboard that might just want to turn (back) into a tree... Thank you. Anna

  4. Well, how about that?! Yep, I have a hunch you will be sewing costumes!

  5. I knew all that in France. I could not fnd those books here, so yes, that would be great ! How is "Oui-Oui" called in English ? A little elf (lutin) who lives in the country of toys ?

  6. My grandparents gave us a copy of The Enchanted Wood, and we loved it. I didn't realize no one else had read it.

    Our library system has a few of the adventure books.

  7. I hope it does revive sales of the books, I grew up on those and still have some of them! Loved them, such imagination.

  8. I'm an American who lived in England for several years as a child, and it was hard to come home and find that you couldn't get Enid Blyton, Elinor M. Brent-Dyer, or the Trebizon series here! Maybe this will start a trend...

  9. WOW! I surely hope so to all the above! We were lucky enough to know someone who grew up in England, and she had a copy of that book (which was her favorite) and lent it to us.

  10. So exciting!!! I have recommended this book to so many people after discovering it on your blog!

  11. That is exciting! I can't believe that you can't get those books in the US! I thought that the politically correct name changes (Dick and Fannie to Rick and Frannie) in the recent republications were to suit the US market? We love Blyton books here in Australia and they really are a right of passage for every young reader.


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