Saturday, November 29, 2014

Small Bytes: Some Press and Random Updates

A belated Thankgiving greeting, y'all!
I ate myself silly on Thursday. Did you?

Also, I shopped a bit and bought myself clothes that I would never waste time sewing.

And I sewed clothes that I would never frustrate myself buying.

And I watched The Giver. I will say two things:

  1. Jeff Bridges is wonderful.
  2. Just read the book. I read it about 20 years ago when it first came out. My friend, then working in Harper Collins, sent it to me. It blew my mind and I gave copies to my students just because. This was when dystopian/utopian novels weren't even on the radar, let alone fashionable. Was it the first? I don't even know. It's raw and truly evocative in a way the modern dsytopian page-turners aren't - ground-breaking then even as it is now.

Finally, here I am in a concise little feature on Terrysblinds, an interior design blog.

I don't feel interior designer as much as Random Toymaker and Occasional Costume Seamstress but what do I know, right? Maybe people have finally caught on that cardboard greengrocer shops are a furniture staple in every playroom. Or any cardboard, really. Hurrah!

That said, read about the other featured designers on the Designer Insights wall here. Thank you for the feature, Terrysblinds!


  1. I loved The Giver (book), too. I think I'll have to re-read it before heading to the movie.

  2. Nice feature! On your "recommendation", we watched "The Giver" over the weekend. Very thought-provoking! Now I must read the book. :) But first must play catch-up. Soooo far behind!! Especially on sleep.


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