Saturday, November 22, 2014

While I Was Ignoring You

Dear Blog,

I apologize.
I didn't mean to ignore you over the last week-or-so.

I meant to put in a post or two on darts.
But I got distracted by actual sewing.

I meant to take photos.
But it snowed and acted all January and turned everything into a photographer's nightmare: not worth risking frostbite just for natural light and too dim to stay indoors while not dying.

I meant to gather our electronic kits and get on my soapbox about STEM and how I'm not completely on the Make Science Cool For Girls! bandwagon (I don't think it's necessary to mention girls at all).
But a wee one got sick and we stayed home and baked cupcakes.

I meant to make a new bag, five wool skirts, two sweater dresses, and one gunmetal pleather jacket with princess seams.
But I ended up helping a six-year-old cut out a bear face softie for a Secret Christmas Present.

I meant to create a fantastic Thanksgiving table centerpiece involving a fat yarn pompom and paper feathers with Sharpie feel-good-messages on them.
But I returned the yarn to Michaels when I realized it'd be a miracle if I got it made in time for Christmas, let alone next Thursday.

And - I swear - I wasn't even trying to procrastinate.

So, instead, let me share how I fed my soul this past fortnight:

This is what made me smile.

This is what made me proud.

This is what made me ache (one, because his voice slays me and two, because I know at least one friend who could claim this story as his).

This is what I've just finished reading that is beautiful.

This is what I'm still reading that is brilliantly bittersweet.

This is what I'm desperately coveting (and unaffording).

This is what I'm working on. Also that thing in the photo.

This is what gave me hope. After all, a person can only survive so long on two-thirds of a trilogy.

This is what I've just watched that utterly charmed me.

This is what made me laugh.

This -blast! - is what I'm battling. 

And I promise: I will get my act together and write some real stuff here soon.


  1. I agree with you on the "for girls" STEM thing. Just turned down a review opp over that, in fact.

    Thank you for the links in this post. Inspiring and fun.

  2. Oooh, that sourcebook just went on my wish list too. So little time, money and space :(

  3. I am a technical designer in real life, that book sounds interesting


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