Sunday, February 22, 2015

Six Weeks of Love For Softies


I have been hibernating and eating chocolate.

It's winter, see.
And the cold has sapped all my happiness.

Every summer, I sit at the pool with winter-amnesia and think, "Hey, this is exactly like Singapore but without the claustrophobic masses of people and the suffocating humidity!" and wonder how I could ever have had any emotion other than joy and peace and goodwill toward men, women, children and small animals. 

Then January happens and . . . oh, yeah, I remember now.
Seasonal bipolar disorder, is what I call it.
The locals call it "Uffda, It's Above Zero Today, Let's Go Jogging Outdoors In Shorts."

And January turns into February.
And February stays forever.


look what the good ladies at Sew Mama Sew have got up their sleeves for the next six weeks to take us into spring (may she vanquish winter forever and ever, amen)!

Check out the guest list! 
I will be there. With a soft toy.
Among some very serious soft toy engineers.
I do not consider myself a serious soft toy engineer.
I rather imagine myself a cardboard person who also sews bags and clothes because she can't find stuff in the stores to buy. And sometimes toys, because her children asked her nicely.

But, honest self-assessment aside, I am very honored and a bit frightened to be among such distinguished company.
So frightened, in fact, that I went off the deep end two weeks ago and started sewing so many soft toys that we might need a house extension unless I consider selling some off just to make room to move around. 

But the children all said, "Yay! Another one! Please don't sell this one!" whenever they came home from school to find me wild-eyed and with bits of stuffing adhered to my clothes.

So, catastrophic sewing room notwithstanding, I know I'm on the right track, because my children have excellent track records in toy quality-control and market sampling.

And that is the end of my story.

Until March, when you can find me on SMS sharing a softie sloper/block (because I sew everything from slopers and blocks, so why should toys be any different?). In the meantime, enjoy the series, make some stuffed critters with the guests, donate a toy, win a Pfaff machine and chase away the winter blues. 


  1. You truly made me laugh out loud. Looking forward to seeing your amazing creations again.

  2. I am really looking forward to this series - especially your dragon!

  3. Rosemary B here:
    hahaha <3
    You are funny. I am totally on the same page, lady!
    Make your own sunshine.
    Today we have brilliant sun, and it is 14 degreeeees outside. windy too. I live in Northern Virginia.... this is not right.

  4. Here we call it SAD-Seasonal Affliction Disease ! and its a real disease..
    I just go into crochet or sewing mode when it happens ! LOL
    Looking forward to the next few weeks ! Thanks for the heads up and cannot wait to see your softee!

  5. You crack. me. up.
    The other day I was huddled over my sewing machine in the basement when the postman rang the bell. When I emerged from my cave to answer the door (a mere 45 minutes before I'd have to get ready to pick up the kids) I discovered that we were having a föhn/chinook and it was crazy warm and brilliantly sunny out. The next day was grey, wet and cold again, and I'd missed my chance. I'm not sure what's worse - never ending grey, as I grew up with, or false promises of spring.

  6. February IS never ending! Today I pretended it was Spring, ignored the snow outside, and painted and sketched from the Burpee seed and plant catalog. The colors were amazing! I miss color. Being creative is the only way to make it through February! :)
    Eileen (


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