Saturday, April 4, 2015


Two days' worth of template drawing = progress.

Although "progress" is relative, because #3 on a to-do list of 18 (that's only before the testing stage) is just a euphemism for "looooooooong way to go".

Friends, please don't let me give up and start sewing zippered bags. 
Because I really, really want to do that right now.
And I mustn't.
Which makes me think that zippered bags are like a drug.
Which I need.
But can't have.
Which makes me feel un-Whoo!
Which is a state of regress.
Which is the opposite of progress.


  1. Don't give up :) In addition to all the fleece I purchased, I also bought possibly a huge amount of felt and those little plastic bead things. Lol. I haven't been this excited about toy making in a long time, even the softies I submitted to SMS.

  2. I love zippered bags, but I really want those patterns, don't give up!

  3. Please don't give up now! My 10yo daughter is desperate to sew the whole menagerie

    Happy Easter

  4. Hang in there! When it gets tough, cuddle a softie.. their cuteness will help you to persevere.
    Happy Easter!

  5. Please keep going! Your animal pattern is going to be awesome! I have a new grandson on the way and I need to make one for him and his big brother! Don't stop now!

  6. Ditto all the other comments. Happy Easter!

  7. You've already put in too much work and time to stop now! Its going to be such an awesome pattern! You can do it! Please!

  8. No zipper bags! We are all waiting anxiously for the pattern! :-)

  9. You are amazing! But the lure of zipper bags can be pretty strong...

  10. Oh, oh, very excited---looked very closely at the pic of the templates and in the lower right corner are squid parts!
    Please do not give up, do not succumb to the siren call of the zipper.

    1. Anonymous: yes, I squeezed in the Squid! Because you all asked so nicely!

  11. This is why every 'ideas' person needs a 'follow-through' person.
    Those pages of pattern parts are insane.
    Awesome, but insane.

  12. Please don't give up, and it you need a tester, please let me know. I would be more than happy to help with the project. It would be good to make sure the instructions are clear. Yup, it would also be nice to have the patterns. ;)

  13. I'm going to be like the little devil sitting on your shoulder, because I am always tempted by the projects I shouldn't be working on... And I often give in, because life is short! Don't listen to me. ;)

  14. The profits from your pattern will allow you to make lots of zippered bags, maybe even put your girls through college... (Is that incentive enough, huh, huh? I may have to put my latest quilt on hold for some of your 3-D menagerie goodness.)

  15. I'm squealing on the inside because I MUST. MAKE. PLUSHIES. Please don't put pattern making on hold for zippered bags!

  16. As much as I would love to see the bags please continue to write this pattern, I can't wait for it to come out. I need a peacock pattern for two friends who love them and I need a dragon for me.
    I am happy to pattern test if you need any help to stay focused and get this pattern printed.
    Truly looking forward to seeing this finished and ready for sale.
    Love your work!!!

  17. Slightly related question....what does your sewing machine look like after sewing all of those softies? Any tips on cleaning the fleece, fur and lint from the sewing machine?

  18. Zipper bags should be your reward for completing this template.... :) Incidentally, love your handwriting.

  19. LiEr! My girls (I have 3 also, yay!) will look at your stuffies and dream. They all have their favorite picked out. My oldest is calling the dragon her baby already! Can't wait for this pattern.


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