Friday, May 1, 2015

Birthday Conversations

'Tis birthday party season again.

This year, one of the kids picked this theme:

I know it's the hottest thing online now, but everything in it is square and I'm on Team Round (see my sidebar profile) so we're having geometrical megaconflict here. My kids, though, don't seem to think this is a problem.

Someday I will share the inane conversations I've had with them just to understand this gaming phenomenon and which aspects of it might work for a backyard birthday party. Here's just one for today.

Me: So let me get this right ... the nether is like this world you can portal to?

Kid: Yeah. It's really great and useful and everyone wants to get there.

Me: So it's like heaven.

Kid: What? No! It's gross!

Me: But you said...

Kid: You have to go there because there are things there that you need. 

Other kid: Potions! You need the nether to brew potions!

Me: You can only brew potions in the nether? (Application: therefore we cannot brew potions at an IKEA table in our backyard.)

Kid: No! You brew potions at a brewing stand. Look! Here's a chart! There are . . . (lists the one million and thirty seven thousand kinds of potions).

Me (5 minutes later): Stop. Those are details. I don't care what kinds of potions there are, because we're going to use Kool Aid crystals in whatever colors we can buy at the supermarket.

Kid: But you have to start with the base potion! It's an awkward potion.

Me (bitterly): I'll bet it is.  

Kid: No! That's what it's called! It's an awkward potion! And you need nether wart to brew it.

Other kid: And you can only get that in the nether!

Other-other-kid: So you have to make a portal to go to the nether otherwise nobody will get drinks at the party!

Me: They can jolly well drink plain water.

Kid: But will it be in a cauldron?



  1. Can't wait to hear how that birthday party turns out! I think.

  2. oooh, I can't wait to see what you come up with so I can replicate it for my son's birthday in the fall! I was very disappointed that a "crafting table" in Minecraft was not at all what I would consider a crafting table.

  3. haha. It sounds like the conversations we are having here ! I cannot wait to see what you are going to do with that.

  4. hahahaha That is so funny. My son has just gotten us all into Minecraft and it is all he talks about so that conversation made complete sense to me. We do birthday parties every second year and he is already planning his 'electric Minecraft' party for next year. I feel your pain. :-)

  5. BEEN THERE. I cannot tell you how much I never want to hear about Minecraft again, not to mention the whole Minecraft birthday party idea. ARGH.

  6. We have somehow avoided all things Minecraft - so far...

  7. But I hear that there are cows and're good with those!

  8. I loved Minecraft, I miss the kid who played it for hours. World building cooperatively online, learning basic code and creating, not shooting. No tiny expensive objects to step on and vacumn up; no fee creep like other online games (one fee and done, it was the best 20$ I've ever dropped - it's about 27 now). Yes, it's on a screen. Other stuff that stinks is, too.

    As for me, I want the crafting table with the codecheat that it always refills with thread, zippers and interfacing!

  9. Also, looking forward to your purple/black netherworld portal (black light closet!)

  10. Here's my party from a couple of years ago. It was very "crafty" for me and they still talk about it!!

  11. I laughed so hard with your post..... but, I feel your pain.... at least, you have a great sense of humor about this.... I wouldn't ;-)

  12. The pigs are square! The travesty of it all!

  13. Minecraft is awesome! I hope my two year old has an interest in it when he gets older. The whole idea is "Here is this open world - go nuts!" Ahhhhsocool! Watch him play through it sometime and you'll see. Oh and I've seen lots of Minecraft birthday ideas on Pinterest, so if you get stuck, maybe you'll find something you like from there.


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