Monday, June 22, 2015

More Zippered Bags

That Time Warp barkcloth is just the most beautiful thing.

And the marriage of Time Warp and vinyl? 
My happiness knows no bounds.

Now that Kate's Minecraft party is behind us, I am sewing bags again.

This one was inspired by a drum.

The straps work for slinging this bag from shoulders,

or for holding by hand,

or hanging on arms.

There are two zippers - the first is around the lid, of which I'll show you more pictures another day, and the second is in the base, so that the entire bag folds flat.

When we meet this bag again, we'll be learning how to do a full lining with hidden seam allowances (without cheating by binding) on BOTH the top and bottom rims of a tote, plus a zippered cover. Technically challenging, but so much better-looking results, and therefore worth learning.

Then there's also this one:

Whom we met in another life as the dubiously-named Craft Bag,

but which has since been given a makeover with a zippered strap. Still not sure what to call it though - I'm leaning towards Trapezium Tote, but that's a mouthful, not to mention controversial, since it seems that people within the US and without can't seem to agree on what exactly a trapezium is. 

Or maybe we should call it The Controversial Carry-all.
Or not.


  1. Yes! Barkcloth and faux leather were meant to be together! Perfect bag combo!

  2. Delightful! I like that hat box bag. Also good for carrying a stack of pizzas.

  3. Wonderful bags! Are you making patterns available??!

  4. These are beautiful bags. I like that the drum bag lies flat - easier to store if not in use.


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