Monday, July 6, 2015

A Brag Board For Menagerie

A very clever suggestion was put to me earlier this week: let's share what we're doing with Menagerie!

I love it. I, personally, would LOVE to see what you are all doing with this pattern. I want to see Yoda! And Jabba the Hutt! And R2D2! Horses! Elephants! Beetles! T-Rexes! Doggies! Minions! Hammerhead sharks. Orcas! That marlin from Hemingway's The Old Man and The Sea!

Now, I do have a flickr pool, which you can all upload photos to. But Pinterest is so much easier and more visual, I think. So I created a board just for Menagerie

Right now, it's full of the original Menagerie critters and a couple of others I've seen around blogland. But I'd love for it to be filled with the ones you've made!

Here's how I think I'm going to do it - email me (or leave as a comment) a link to your blog or webpage where I can pin an image of your Menagerie creation, and I'll come visit and pin it to this board so we can all see and swoon. If you end up contributing regularly, I can send you an invite to pin your own Menagerie projects to the board, too.

To access this board whenever, just click on the Pinterest widget in my blog sidebar:

and you'll find the Menagerie board:


  1. Can't wait to see what everybody makes!

  2. Awesome! Even more incentive to get creative and show off!

  3. Jabba. . .holy moly. . .I was planning to make a Jabba and pondering the shape and want that pattern anyway. . .GET ME MY WALLET, I have a pattern to buy!

  4. I LOVE the Menagerie pattern-- I bought it to make a squid for my husband, and I did! I can't wait to make more animals :) Here's the blog post I wrote about the squid:

  5. I used the Menagerie pattern at my daughter's birthday party! I let the guests pick their fleece and tell me what animals they wanted to make. So we have come fun coloring on a cat, a couple of foxes, and three sugar gliders, which is sort of a cross between the kangaroo and a dragon with enormous ears. I love all your patterns, but this was especially fun!


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