Sunday, August 9, 2015

If You Procrastinate Long Enough

the dress you cut out 5 years ago for your eldest daughter 

will now fit your youngest.

Not custom perfectly, since their shoulder shapes are different,  

not to mention their heights - Emily would've been a year younger than Kate is now -

but good enough.

It passed the twirl test, as all dresses and skirts must, in our house.

I am not going to deconstruct this here - you can see the original version in this old post. All I will say is that the skirt is a light stretch twill with pleats tucked into a single-layer waistband, and the bodice is interlock knit, and they are joined at the drop-waist seam.

I actually cut out two dresses, both of which lived under my sewing table in a WIP box for 5 years. 

The only reason I sewed them up today (took just a couple of hours) is so I could have the box back. 

Erm. Have I ever told you guys how I organize my WIPs? 

Ah. Let me share, then.

See, I have a finite number (8? 10? I forget) of small shoe-box sized plastic boxes designated for WIPs. Each time I cut out a project, it goes in one of those boxes. I am not allowed to buy more boxes; if they fill up and I need one, I have to empty one out, either by finishing the project, or throwing out the fabric pieces as "Lost Causes" or returning the components to the supply tubs for re-using.

Today, I needed a box. So I dumped out this one and decided that since Emily had clearly outgrown them, these dresses were going the Re-using Route. Then I thought that since they were already cut out, maybe I should sew them up and gift them to an unsuspecting neighbor or whoever had a 6-year-old daughter and wouldn't be freaked out by me foisting free hand-made clothes upon them that might or might not fit correctly. 

But when I'd finished the first dress, it looked bigger than I'd imagined, and I had Kate try it on. 


So Kate now gets two new fall dresses for school to wear with leggings, I don't have to find some random stranger to adopt them and I get my WIP box back, so I can cut out a new Time Warp zippered bag.

Now if only I can convince myself to empty out the box containing that hideously-unfitting smoke-and-rose chiffon tea dress - and maybe even finish it!

Hahahahahahaha! As if.


  1. Nice planning ahead! There are advantages of having multiple children of the same gender, and this is one of them.

  2. Oh, my.... I got a good Sunday morning laugh here! Thank goodness you needed that box in time for Kate to get the benefit of the contents! She looks adorable in it. Poor Emily, though...... ;(

  3. I like the dress, and the method for organizing WIP's. Might just have to use that one myself...

  4. Procrastinating can work differently with boys...

  5. Cute dresses! Lucky Kate, poor Emily. I think I need to adopt your WIP box concept, it might just keep me in line!

  6. What a great WIP system! I think I'll adopt it, but I'll start with 5 boxes (it's what I have).

  7. I love the limited number of WIP boxes idea! What fun dresses for heading back to school!

  8. OMG! Seriously I love your idea of organization. And the dress(es)- they are absolutely beautiful.

  9. Ha, my dresses also have to pass the swirl test! :-)

  10. Mc calls ended the tent pattern first

    Talking about procrastination...

  11. aha lovely how it all works out, and you have a bag-in-progress too! these look adorable and comfy. I have knitting WIP's that are older, but no sewing ones... I think!


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