Friday, August 7, 2015

Owie Doll Kit Colors

Hello, friends! I have another quick market poll for you guys today.

First, the update: the samples for the Owie Doll skin and hair are in, and I am choosing colors and playing with combinations to turn into the next round of kits. We haven't decided how many kits to produce in this second round but given that the first round sold out so fast that we didn't even get around to launching the promotional material (usually happens the week after a kit goes live),  we're planning for round 2 to be a bigger batch. Also so that we can include a variety of skin and hair colors that reflect the multicultural real world we live in. I'd like for this round to be out well in time for the holidays, so that you in turn will have enough time to make dolls for gifts or to consider adding the kits themselves to your gift list for your sewing friends. So that's the plan.

Now, because you guys are going to be the ones buying the final kits, I'd really appreciate your input on the colors you'd be interested in. The first poll earlier this summer gave us the big picture and now we're narrowing down actual combinations based on the fabrics and colors in stock.

Here are the six possible combinations - you can pick more than one. No promises on which will make it to the final selection, but your feedback will help us choose!
Skin: Fair
Hair: Gold & Light Brown

Skin: Fair
Hair: Light Brown & Brown

Skin: Medium (honey/tanned)
Hair: Brown & Dark Brown

Skin: Medium-Brown
Hair: Dark Brown & Black

Skin: Dark
Hair: Dark Brown & Black

Skin: Dark
Hair: Black & Brass

Note: Based on the results of the earlier survey, we're thinking the brick/red hair might work better as a swop-in option. This means it will not be one of the six (or however many) main kits, but we're working out a way for you to request to swop in that brick/red color for one of the other hair colors in an existing kit.
Skin: Fair
Hair: Red/Brick (the real color is less paprika and more brick)

So please vote for your favorite colors in the widget below, if you're considering buying a kit. It's just that one question, so it should only take you a few seconds. The number of responses will also help us decide how many kits to produce, so if you're not planning to buy one, but would still like to weigh in on color choices, please do so in the comments instead. 

Thanks so much!



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