Thursday, September 24, 2015

Almost a month

since we last met here. I thought it would be fun to ignore the blog for a whole month to see if the world ended.

It didn't.

Which proves that there is life outside of social media.

Which I secretly suspected, but daren't say in case all my friends ostracized me.

School is in full swing and I'm sorta off sewing. At least, I'm off machine-sewing. It seems like too much work when one feels more like moping around the house, missing outdoor swimming and all the other happy things of summer.

I have, however, been hand-stitching. So cathartic. I always feel like I'm 9 years old again, making my little felt stuffed toys for my classmates, whenever I do this. These are the kids' back-to-school lunchbox gifts, a tradition I shot myself in the foot by starting. 

Two themes this year: critters and Shopkins. 

You're familiar with Shopkins, yes? They're those addictive, overpriced pencil toppers that are, unfortunately, somewhat cute. See here:

More photos later!


  1. I missed you! nice to have you back.

  2. Argh! Shopkins! Expensive, addictive and with a stepped-on-in-bare-feet pain level comparable to lego! Yours is pretty cute though (so not showing it to my 7 year old)

  3. I've seen the shopkins EVERYWHERE, but never knew they were pencil toppers! I'm so out of the loop.

  4. I missed you, too! Nice to have you back in the swing of things, just in time for Halloween costumes!

  5. After such frenzy, it's nice to take a big step back. Our cute back to school sewing has been: can you please make (name an impossible item) fit better? Here, I bought this backpack for a dollar online. Can you spend a full week and $!!!! in hardware to make it perfect?

    (Sigh) As you wish.

    I am grateful they still ask. It is still the best part of being a mom, she reminds herself.

  6. I haven't heard of shopkins. I guess my kids and i are living under rocks? How lucky! That butterfly is adorable.

  7. Yay! A post. Enjoy those kiddos and I'll wait patiently for the next bag series.

  8. Been checking back everyday. Where is the bag series you promised us? Please, waiting desperately for it

  9. I opened this in front of my daughter! First question... Mom can you make me that? Glad you are back.

  10. Just so you know. We noticed. We also know that you get super busy and sometimes a break is nice. So no bugging, just waiting!

  11. Just wanted to let you know that some of us worried about you when you were gone. I'm just glad you let us know that you were OK.


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