Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bunny and Carrot

Even an entire week after making this ensemble, I am still giggling.

What a fun sew this bunny suit was. Not only was it fast to draft and assemble, it also didn't have to be precise. The only part that needed to fit well was the crotch, because ill-fitting crotches, even in baggy pants, are heinous. I won't go as far as to say this particular one would win any awards, but it didn't pull, which means it met the most basic requirement for non-terrible pants, so that was okay.

Here are some shots at various angles to look at as we (briefly) deconstruct. 

This is essentially a full-body jumpsuit with a big pink patch on the belly and a lot of ease. It zips open in front to the waist with an invisible zipper.

It has a pom-pom tail, which I personally thought was too small, but it was the biggest I could make with the pom-pom maker I had. 

There is an attached hood, which has long floppy bunny ears - not standy-up ones, because Bunny herself, after whom this suit is modeled, has floppy ears.

I made Kate a pair of fleece mittens, not only to complete the Bunny look, but also to keep her hands warm on Halloween night. The cuffs are just ribbing with wide elastic inside, and the paw pads are appliques.

Now for the sidekick - 

that little face just does me in every time.

So, let's talk about Bunny's carrot suit. It has a front

and a zippered back. Each side is double layered - not so much for insulation ("When it's cold out, Bunny is an arctic hare," Kate tells me) as to sandwich batting (for stiffness) between them.

The green carrot tops are fleece leaves enclosing batting, and their veins are quilt-stitched.

These leaves were assembled separately and then inserted into the top seam between the front and back sides.

Kate confesses that the main reason she had me sew Bunny a carrot costume was to guarantee her being able to take Bunny trick-or-treating with her (we usually make the kids leave their lovies at home),

because she can't bear to be separated from Bunny for even a second.  

And even when she is, she's paying tribute to her best friend.


  1. How fabulous! I love that you made Bunny a costume!

  2. oh my goodness, the whole thing is just so very sweet! I can see why it makes you giggle :)

  3. Totally adorable! Outfit, kid and sidekick!

  4. That little girl is a 'thinker'! I love her reason for Bunny's costume! Too adorable - child, Bunny and costumes! I was smiling through the whole post. :)

  5. There are no words for how cute this is and how imaginative she is for commissioning it 😊

  6. My love as a child was my Panda. Having been loved a lot Panda was wearing out so my kind mother sewed him a jumpsuit. Sadly the only suitable fur fabric she could find was Leopard, so my Panda wore a Leopard print outfit!!! I think Bunny being a Carrot is much more suitable.

  7. Love the fact that Bunny has an outfit too! :)

  8. Trop trop bien.... Vraiment j'adooooooooore! Encore plus le costume de carotte!!!!! Bravo!

  9. This is just plain adorable. I think it is the sweetest thing that Kate wanted to take Bunny trick-or-treatng with her-- and I love how you went with it and came up with an awesome solution together.

  10. That is some brilliant scheming on Kate's part! I adore both costumes.

  11. This is so sweet. I had few handmade costumes as a kid, but one year I dressed as a bunny (white clothing, ears stuck on a headband) and my mom sewed me what was essentially a body-length, carrot-shaped pillow that I carried around.

  12. Okay this is RIDICULOUSLY CUTE and so beautifully sewn. LOVE IT! Love the costume for Bunny!!


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