Monday, January 18, 2016

Cardboard Oven, Size S

I always feel like I'm cheating you guys when I inundate you with sewing posts and completely neglect the far superior cardboard ones. The sad truth is that my kids are no longer so young that they have the time or inclination to crawl through cardboard tunnels and playhouses, or cook in cardboard kitchens and restaurants. Our house -particularly the overstuffed playroom - is still a shrine to cardboard, and we all still foam slightly at the mouth whenever we're on Pinterest and sight a random cardboard megaproject. But I don't create with cardboard as much as we used to. At least not for the sake of making kid toys.

I am, however, somewhat thrilled that my kids are - so to speak - taking up the mantle that I've so shamefully shucked on the floor of my fabric-infested sewing room.

And I am excited to share their projects with you!

Today's is a very small, very simple cardboard oven. Kate and I made it together just before Christmas, for her Barbie dolls.

It's really just a box made from a sheet of cardboard and folded into a cube. Kate glued and wrapped black construction paper over the sides, top and back,

cut, glued and decorated white circles for stove-top burners, and stuck paper fasteners into the front face for knobs.

For a door, I cut out three sides of a square, with a smaller square hollowed out in the middle. This served as both a window as well as a means to pull the door open. If you were so inclined, you could glue a length of tightly-rolled paper above that window for a proper door handle bar.

Super easy! And totally feasible to mass-produce should you ever want to throw a Barbie-cooking party. Or a toddler cardboard party. Or any kind of party, just to have an excuse to make cardboard toys in bulk. 

(Not that anyone needs an excuse to make cardboard anythings. Ever.)

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  1. Hooray for cardboard! This is very cute and clever. I adore the oven knobs.


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