Thursday, February 4, 2016

Making Paper

Felt like making paper this week.

No reason.

The kids got a paper making kit for Christmas and after we'd made one sheet by following the instructions, we diversified and experimented with different kinds of pulp - newspaper and tissue paper and paper towels. Some we soaked in water overnight, and some we insta-pulped in the food processor.

Then we laid them out to dry.

That pink-and-purple one looked very like mould, we thought. It was an accident. I layered two colors of pulp and got a very interesting outcome. Here are the two sides:

Just before they were completely dry, I sandwiched them between paper towels and pressed them under heavy books, so they dried flat.

We enjoyed discovering how different kinds of pulp gave us different textures. 

This was blue tissue paper pulped with white tissue paper. Very smooth.

This was white paper towels pulped with blue and green tissue paper bits. Very chunky.

Then we cut the papers, mounted them on cardstock to make covers for notebooks.

We used regular printer paper for the inside sheets

and poked holes and hand-stitched the spines.

We made an extra small one for Bunny.


  1. I loved making paper as a kid! My favorite - throw in a scrap of shiny wrapping paper; after it's pulverized, the resulting paper has speckles of glitter.

  2. suggestion : insert thread bits in the pulp, it will make nice and subtle touches of color in your page ! some pics from my oooold blog :

  3. Thanks for the tips, you guys! Thread and wrapping paper sound gorgeous!

  4. I love the idea of turning homemade paper into book covers! Definitely need to try this with my kids.

  5. Oh my, this is amazing!
    Would you be willing to make a tutorial? I have always wanted to try my hand at homemade paper!

  6. These were gorgeous. Saving this idea for a rainy day project.


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