Friday, April 22, 2016

Sock Blimps


So ridiculously cute, these Japanese critters.

One of the children has fallen in love with these Tsum Tsum things, and has declared that her birthday party this year shall have this as its theme.

She had me draw her a coloring sheet, so she could create these faces for her invitation cards.

And then I found this video, and thought I'd make a few sample blimps, so we could give them away at the party.

Here's Donald,

and Baymax.

Not bad for a trial run. Easy, and somewhat addictive to make. All you need are socks, and scraps. These are much bigger than the little Tsum Tsums - they turned out to be about the size of a guinea pig.

Even Emily made one - the Snowgie thing that Elsa sneezes out when she has a cold. 

I'll do our own photo-tutorial for these sock blimps closer to the date, when I begin party-prep in earnest. In the meantime, here is our hand-drawn Tsum Tsum coloring sheet, if you'd like it.


  1. I watched the entire video. I can see how you could get addicted. May have to make some for my practice grandkids - something light to send to Singapore.

  2. You could make them out of baby socks if you wanted smaller Tsum Tsums. They would be fiddlier to sew, though, and probably a limited selection of colors.

  3. Love these! I made little sock bunnies when I was a teen. To make the small, I used small kids size socks, or even baby socks. That would make the accessories even tinier, but I know how kids like things in miniature. I can't wait to see how the party planning turns out!

  4. Those are cute, and they do look easy to make!

  5. I play with them in the store, restacking them as to theme and whim. I am very partial to the Avengers ones, and do enjoy trying to guess who and what some of them are.
    Yours are easier to identify. And are even cuter.

  6. These are adorable! My daughter is always looking for something new to sew.

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  7. Oooo these are adorable! I think even some adults love tsum tsum ;) Mind if I guess if it's Jenna who recently fell in love with these critters?


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