Thursday, August 18, 2016

Goodbye Rips

Good morning, you guys. 

Woke up to this in my twitter feed.

Um, yes. I want those in the knee parts of my kids' leggings, please. And the belly-button area of my favorite Tshirts, that get those mysterious holes (the logical part of my brain tells me it's from rubbing against the stud button of my jeans but the dramatic part of my soul likes to believe in evil moth fairies that live in my washer).

What a weird and wonderful world we live in.


  1. Amazing! Thank you for sharing you get those mystery belly button area holes too. I thought I was the only one.

  2. Wow that is weird/cool. Who knew they were doing this kind of research on squid teeth? Thanks for showing to to us!

  3. How did they ever think of that?
    (You get the belly-button holes, too? I thought I was the only one...)

  4. Ok, so I did a little experiment over the past two years where I untucked my shirts whenever I drove the car, and I can tell you pretty confidently that the holes on your Tshirts are from the button of your jeans rubbing against the seatbelt (the little knob that keeps the buckle from sliding down to the bottom of the belt, specifically) with your shirt in between. Since I started doing that, I've had significantly fewer holes in my shirts!

    1. alpineflower: I am so trying out this experiment, too. Seat belt! I never would've thought of that. I thought it was because I leaned against the kitchen counter/sink thingy whenever I did chores, and all that friction caused it. But driving! That makes complete sense because the husband gets those holes too, and he doesn't lean against countertops. Ha! I shall tell him tonight.

  5. Wow squid teeth i learned more than 1 thing ..... Never knew squid had teeth now my mind is hmm will the companies that fish or raise squid for our dinner tables now collect the teeth? What impact will this have on squid fisheries? Will all "less than new " clothes start to smell "fishy" so many thoughts no no no out of my head now I've a sewing date traveler bag I am making its a free pattern designed by Cynthia frenette on the Robert Kaufman web site I have "only" to put the lining and outer bag together and then handles and binding its 12x9.5x 6.5 with a zippered pocket plus 4 other pockets and its divided down the middle ..... I am thinking perfect for bringing a project to sewing class or gathering all the necessary "stuff" for a project all in the bag ready to grab and go ..... Squid out of my head I've got project bag yo do😳

  6. Wow, that is awesome (go Penn State! I am an alumna). One more reason that squid are amazing.
    I, too, thought that I was the only one who got those mysterious little holes in my shirts!

  7. There was a time when Sears would replace kids pants if they wore out before they outgrew them. I believe my youngest son caused them to stop that promotion.

    The holes in tee shirts - I think from leaning against the kitchen counter, but I now also pull my shirt out from under the seat belt just in case!

  8. truth is truly stranger than fiction!!! But I actually enjoy patching holes.

  9. I've also noticed that any tee I have prior to 2000s does not sport any holes, regardless of how I wear it. I believe it is friction combined with change in cotton weaving that is doing this. Especially since I'll wear a store bought tee three times and it will sport a hole. The homemade ones have yet to show any holes and I wear them just as frequently.

  10. Amazing ; but i love the holes especially in kids t shirts - perfect for small appliques ( not ones near bellybuttons ofcourse )-hope it doesn't get around our "holey" clothes :)


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