Monday, August 1, 2016

Port & Sort Totes and Kits on Sale Now

Hello friends!

Thank you for your wonderful response to the Port & Sort Tote pattern! I am so excited that you'll be making Totes in the near future - I can't wait to see them!

As promised, my Etsy shop is now stocked with goodies for you to buy.

1 Ready-to-ship Totes

There are five finished Totes. Each has different features (e.g. one strap, two straps, magnetic snaps, no magnetic snaps, vinyl straps, fabric straps, and so on) and the prices will reflect these. Please read the individual listing descriptions to know the features of each Tote.

2 Kits
If you're making a Tote and would like to pick up some of the materials and hardware in one convenient package, there are 14 kits to choose from:

(i) FOUR full kits:
  • 25" or 26" separating zipper
  • Thermaflec (18" x 44")
  • ripstop nylon (11" x 60") 
  • two sets of invisible snaps
  • four rectangular rings

(ii) TEN hardware-only kits
25" or 26" separating zipper plus different combinations of magnetic snaps (visible and invisible) and strap hardware

All kits contain one separating coil zipper that's either 25" or 26" long, and the prices reflect the different contents.

When the kits sell out, I will assemble more. So let me know in the comments if the ones you'd wanted had sold out.

3 Additional instructions
I anticipate that some folks may be new to the materials used to make the Tote, particularly the invisible snaps. Some invisible snaps are easier to tell apart than others. I've used ones whose halves look different enough to tell apart but the ones in my kits are pretty much identical, so I've labeled them and included instructions inside each kit for how to ensure you've got them paired up correctly:

In the full kits (with the utility fabric), there is also a layout plan to go with the half yard of Thermaflec. 

In the sewing pattern, the recommended yardage for the Thermaflec is 1/2 to 3/4 yard - the 1/2-yard layout is a space-saving layout, and the 3/4 yard gives you more wiggle room (and remnants). I thought I'd also share that layout here, for those of you who might prefer to buy the smaller yardage.

As always, if you buy multiple items from my store, I'll combine the shipping and refund you any significant difference via paypal.

Happy shopping!

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  1. Assembling kits makes this project less intimidating. Great idea!

    I can't justify the purchase right now, but love that you are doing this.


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